10 essential photography accessories for hiking photography. Learn the 10 expert photography accessories

10 Essential Photography Accessories!

10 Essential Photography Accessories!

Photo gear accessories for photographers you didn’t even know you needed.

Today we’re looking at 10 essential photography accessories for taking gorgeous photos. Some of these photography accessories you might never have heard of, but they’re an easy way to up your photo game. The truth is that all it takes to create amazing photos is a camera and a lens. Everything else is optional / bonus. Even the quality of the camera and lens don’t matter. Great photography depends on your mastery of your craft, a creative vision, and capturing something worth photographing. Its much more about timing and vision and creativity and technique than it is about gear.

BUT – Good gear can make capturing that perfect moment a LOT easier!

So today we’re looking at 10 essential photography accessories and must have photo accessories you didn’t even know you needed. These photography accessories will help make capturing your vision that much more of a reality.

Essential Photography Accessories #1 – Light Prism

#1 on our list is a light prism. It doesn’t require batteries, fits conveniently inside your camera bag, and is responsible for the creativity of some of the best instagram photographers out there! Brandon Woelfel uses prisms all the time in his portraits. Grab one for $15 and you’ll have it forever. Well worth the money!

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Essential Photography Accessories #2 – Mist Spray Bottle

The secret of many great photographers – mist and smoke. And you don’t have to be up at dawn to get those misty water droplets for your macro photography of that ladybug perched on a leaf of grass! A tiny mist spray bottle fits right into your photography bag and makes it an awesome photography accessory for adding spray and mist to leaves, spider webs, food photography and more!

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Essential Photography Accessories #3 – Lens Pen Lens Cleaning Kit

As you’re using your camera, you’re going to get dirt and spots on your lenses. A lens cleaning tool is one of the MUSTS in your camera bag accessories. Why? Because dirty lenses = bad idea. A lens cleaning kit like this one from lens pen will fit easily inside your camera bag and keep your lenses clean and safe!

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Essential Photography Accessories #4 – Pocket Pod Tripod Replacement Bean Bag

Lets be honest – Carrying a tripod everywhere can be a real pain. The truth is, most of us headed out on a hike or a trip don’t have the room or desire to carry a bulky / heavy tripod with us. This next camera accessory is absolutely genius – A camera tripod replacement you can fit in your pocket. Fill it with beans / gravel / anything handy, and you have a mouldable camera tripod replacement. When you’re done, just empty the bag and roll it back into your camera accessory toolkit! Rolled up and empty in your bag, its even lighter and more compact than travel tripods like the gorillapod. While ANY bag can be used to do this, this one by pocket pod is specifically made for cameras and will prop up your lenses, making it WAY easier to position your camera the way you like. This is a must have adventure photography accessory / travel photography accessory!

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Essential Photography Accessories #5 – MINI MULTITOOL! Gerber Dime

We can’t even count the number of times we’ve needed a screwdriver / knife / pliers while on shoot. Whether its for a jammed quick release plate, dealing with a stuck zipper on our camera bag or finessing tripod or ballhead joints. Plus the sheer number of random unforeseen things that need a knife or pliers to fix. A multitool that can tighten and loosen screws and joints, cut tape and get you out of a pinch. What we LOVE about the gerber dime is it lets you take the most used tools with you, WITHOUT having to lug around a 2 lb multitool. Standard multitools are heavy and large, and come with a bunch of accessories you never use. The Gerber dime is just 2 inches long, and can fit in your camera bag, or even on the keychain! And at just over $13, its well worth it to buy two and keep one in the car as a backup. Get yourself a multitool today. As they say – fools don’t bring tools!

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Essential Photography Accessories #6 – Pocket Sized LED Light!

As a photographer you really never know when you’re going to need just a LITTLE bit more light. Incredible moments have been lost forever by simply not having a light to capture it! With a pocket sized LED light in your camera accessory kit you’ll never have to worry about missing the moment again. This cool LED is rechargeable and takes up next to zero room in your camera kit. Its a perfect camera kit accessory and a steal at just $15!

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Essential Photography Accessories #7 – Snap On Protective LCD Cover

Your LCD Screen is likely the most exposed part of your camera…. And its also one of the most important ones! These awesome Snap On screen covers by Vello will keep your LCD safe and come off easy for cleaning or replacement. No screen marks or glue involved – Definitely a top photo gear accessory for keeping your camera in top condition.

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Essential Photography Accessories #8 – Protective Camera Wrap

Ever want to go somewhere WITHOUT your camera bag, but putting your camera into your open backpack or purse just seems… wrong? Nobody wants to scratch their camera up loose in their backpack or purse, which is why the 15 inch protective wrap by Domke is our next in must have camera accessories. This protective wrapping will keep your camera safe, without having to carry along your whole camera bag. Its also multi purpose and can be used with any other items you want to keep safe from scratches – Phones, ipads, ereaders etc. Definitely an awesome recommended camera accessory!

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Essential Photography Accessories #9 – Waterproof Dry Bag!

If you take your camera places it might get wet, this camera accessory for adventure photographers is a MUST HAVE. Dry Bags have been around for awhile, but a lot of people don’t know about them. When it comes to photo gear accessories, a dry bag might be a little more specialized – Its one of those outdoor photographer accessories that you won’t need if you work in a studio. But you’d be surprised how handy they can be if you ever travel somewhere and want to keep your camera gear safe from rain and weather! Definitely a travel photography accessory worth having – And again this photo gear accessory is multipurpose. You can even use it to keep your phone / keys safe and dry the next time you go rafting or ride splash mountain!

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Essential Photography Accessories #10 – OP/TECH Camera Rain Sleeve

If you’re a photographer who works outdoors, you NEED to be prepared for every kind of weather. It rains on planet earth, and so simple reasoning would say eventually you’re going to have to photograph in the rain. Even if you’re somewhere nearly always sunny like California, this is one chance you don’t want to take! Keep your camera gear dry with this fantastic camera accessory #10 – The Op/Tech Camera Rain Sleeve. For just $7 for a 2 pack, why WOULDN’T you buy a pair to keep inside your camera bag just in case? Its a small price to pay for knowing you’re ready for any situation.

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That’s 10 Photo Accessories You NEED To Add To Your Camera Bag

There you have it – The 10 Best Camera Accessories you can add to your camera bag. These handy camera accessories are light, affordable, and will keep you prepared to handle any situation you come across. In the end, the photographer makes the photo, but these camera accessories will certainly help in the process!

Have a fav camera accessory we missed?! Let us know in the comments below!