10 Essential Tips For Knocks Your Socks Off Wedding Photos

10 Essential Tips For Knocks Your Socks Off Wedding Photos

Captivate your clients & capture knock-their-socks off photos with these 10 tips to improve your wedding photo storytelling.

A picture tells a thousand words – But what are you actually SAYING with your photography? 

The best photographers aren’t the photographers who geek out hardest on gear & know every random setting in their cameras.

The BEST photographers are the ones who tell the best STORIES through their photos.

Their photos CONNECT with their clients in a way that others do not.

That’s how you build raving testimonials.

That’s how you get referrals.

That’s how you create a booked out wedding photography business and separate yourself from all the competition.

Learning your camera settings is great – But only if it helps you become a better storyteller.

In this awesome storytelling tutorial, Anchor & Veil Photography share some of their key insights and tips into creating knocks-their-socks off photos and improving your storytelling skills. 

#1 F-stop isn’t for light – It’s for story.

Having your F-Stop set to fulfill your creative vision and capture everything you need in the photo is FAR more important than simply getting your exposure correct.

#2 Rank Your Moments

At every event there are many things going on. Moments are lost in an ocean of choices. Becoming the person who knows which moments matter most will ensure you get the most important and powerful stories on camera.

#3 Light over location, but MOMENT over light.

Great light will trump location, but NOTHING trumps the moment – Do what you can to improve what you can about the lighting and scene, but at the end of the day, the moment (aka STORY) is what matters most.

#4 Hold your position

Great moments come from waiting – Wait for the moment. Wait until you can’t wait anymore. Then wait 30 seconds – That’s normally when the moment ACTUALLY happens.

#5 Lens choice is critical.

Different lens options let you immerse the viewer inside the story in a way that enhances the emotions and moments that are taking place. Learn to use multiple lenses and carry the variety you need to make lens choice relevant to the moment that is going on

#6 Don’t shoot AT the moment, shoot IN the moment.

Your goal is to immerse yourself into the moment, so that you photos feel like they capture the moment from INSIDE it, not from a distance.

#7 Be invisible

The more you are able to put clients at ease and prevent distracting the people you are capturing, the better the moments will flow

#8 Trust is EVERYTHING

Establishing freedom and trust with your clients allows everyone the confidence and freedom to express themselves in their most authentic, incredible way.

#9 Anticipation & Instinct

A great photographer is a bit like a fortune teller – They tune their instincts and listen to what they feel is coming, because moments pass by in an instant!

#10 Confidence of a streaker!

Your ability to be confident and look silly is what allows you to take the risks that allow you to capture the most breathtaking moments possible in the best possible way.


What do you think? What is your top tip for telling better stories through your photography?

Leave it in the comments below!