Book more weddings – From zero to 12 weddings in 2 months!

How Desmond & Vera booked 12 weddings in 2 months (In a brand new country!)

Learn how these filmmakers were able to book more weddings in just a couple months.

Starting a wedding photography business or wedding video studio is hard work.

It takes a lot of time, commitment, energy and resources to get started. It can take photographers YEARS before they can successfully go full time off their photography income.

Desmond & Vera of Fine Art Wedding Film came to the U.S and restarted their wedding business from scratch when they enrolled in our Photography Marketing School. In just 2 months they were able to book TWELVE weddings. I sat down with Desmond to hear how he did it.

How to book more weddings

As you can tell, booking more weddings is totally doable – Even if you’re in a new country. But to do so you’ve got to put in the work and do the right things. It won’t happen by accident, and your bookings won’t increase through wishful thinking or planning without execution. So get out there and start applying!

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