$200 VS. $50,000 Camera Lens: Can YOU spot a difference? 🧐 

Think you need new gear? $200 VS. $50,000 Camera Lens: Can YOU spot a difference? 🧐 

Why you might not actually need to upgrade (even though you think you do)

One thing all photographers have in common: We ALL wish we had better gear. The latest, greatest, newest, hottest, highest resolution, best low light performing, sharpest, shiniest toy is always calling to us. We convince ourselves if we could JUST get that lens or camera or XYZ, we’d be able to get the shots we want.

While in reality, pro gear IS generally more reliable and produces better images, at the end of the day it’s important to remember: All the pro gear in the world can’t help you if you’re lousy at the basics of composition, lighting & storytelling.

This budget vs professional gear shootout video by Chris Hau shows the difference between the gear isn’t as vast as you’d think

You can count on Chris to create an entertaining way to expose the fact that we’re all way too obsessed with gear.

I know i’m 100% committed to doing MORE with less, and mastering the gear I’ve got vs chasing the next piece of gear on the rainbow.

At the same time… There is no doubt that quality gear makes a big difference as a professional…. And some of those toys look pretty dang fun 😉

What do you think? Can YOU tell the difference between a $200 & $50,000 lens? Share your results in the comments below!