Which lens do YOU prefer? 35mm vs 50mm vs 85mm Portrait Photography

35mm vs 50mm vs 85mm Portrait Photography

Which lens do YOU prefer? See them side by side in this real life portrait shoot


Choosing the right lens for your portraits and photoshoots isn’t easy.

It takes time and experience to figure out which lens best matches the moment and emotions of the scene:

  • How will the lens interact with the background?
  • Will it draw out details or create that dreamy bokeh behind your couple?
  • Do you want to make the background feel expansive wide open with a wide angle, or compress everything together with a telephoto lens?

Learning which lens is best can be tricky.

But thanks to this awesome side by side real life portrait shoot with Rebecca Carpenter, you don’t have to wonder anymore!

Finally a simple and BEAUTIFUL demo of what each of the most popular lens focal lengths are. Compare them side by side to figure out which portrait lens you think is best for each situation.

Lenses Used In This Video:


This portrait photography lens choice tutorial does an incredible job at showing the strengths and weaknesses of each lens in a real life situation.

There is no “best lens for portrait photography” – Because at the end of the day, it all comes down to the story you are telling as a photographer and creator.

What do you think? If you could only choose ONE lens, which lens should you buy?

The 35mm, the 50mm or the 85mm?

Share your choice in the comments below!