5 Easy Creative Phone Photography Ideas to Try!

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

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5 Easy Creative Phone Photography Ideas to Try!

Take these cool shots just with your phone

Creative phone photography ideas so easy to do; these will get you inspired!

In this quick tutorial, Jordie Koalitic shows 5 cool photography ideas you can take with just your phone!


Try these awesome & easy creative phone photography ideas

Jordie is using a Xiaomi 12T Pro phone in all of these shots, however most smart phones these days would have cameras capable of capturing these shots!


Phone Photo Idea #1: Using Panorama to Create Illusions

This first shot will take a second set of hands, a bit of time and creativity. You need to come up with an idea of an element in the photo which casts a shadow or something in the scene.

Then this will be removed and appear as though it couldn’t naturally be in the scene or maybe was edited in. For example, this homemade set of butterfly wings using cardboard and colored cellophane.

You can have the subject wearing this with the lighting at an angle so the shadow is cast behind them. The shadow also has the pretty colors from the wings.

A panoramic illusion shot

Pan the phone camera up, capturing the shadow, then stop the panoramic capture for a moment. Have someone remove the wings off of the subject, then continue the pan in the same place you stopped it, continuing upwards. 

This creates the illusion of the wing shadow but no physical wings in place! Take a look at how this shot came out:

Creative phone photography idea illusion of wings


Phone Photo Idea #2: Pretend Camping or Adventure Shot

This shot is fun because it makes the viewer think it was taken from inside of a camping tent! This visual illusion is incredibly creative and fun to try.

Lay a jacket on the ground, make sure that it’s one with a good size zipper. Then, pick up one end and put the phone inside, so that the lens can see both the jacket zipper in the foreground and your subject in the background.

Creative phone photography ideas pretend camping shot

It’s even better if you have the lighting behind your subject so you get a nice silhouette of light around the subject.

Check out this final shot – you could have guessed it was taken inside a tent!

Final shot pretend camping photo


Creative Phone Photography Idea #3: The Illusion of Height/Depth

You can do this shot in many different ways. All you need is the visual of a long drop, like an edge or a tunnel.

Taking optical illusion photo with a phone and simple gear

The example of this is using a concrete tunnel and putting some bright colourful UV lights down in the background. Then, with some climbing gear, making it appear as though the subject is climbing up.

This is a simple trick of angle and lighting, and it really works! This photo proves it:

Creative phone photography ideas optical illusion with angles


Creative Phone Photography Idea #4: Timelapse ‘Canvas’ Mirror

Create the beautiful illusion of the sky moving on a canvas over time!

Using a mirror set up on a canvas, and your phone on Timelapse setting, you can easily get this effect. Have the mirror at an angle to show the sky. This works best on a partly cloudy day. 

Try this as well overnight for a starry night canvas. Or in other locations, sceneries, and angles for other ideas!

This snap of the sky Timelapse is pretty cool:

Final photo with phone and illusion of sky timelapse


Creative Phone Photography Idea #5: Creating Mirages in Water

Similar to the first idea, this shot shows a reflection in the water below the subject which does not appear above the subject.

Using a similar technique, like in the photo below, have your subject stand in water about calf-deep. They can wear or hold something to cause a reflection in the water below.

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Take two photos, one with the subject holding or wearing the reflection object, and one without it. Then, you can edit or cut the photos together to get an image like the below.

You can also try this with different pose in the reflection and in the above water photo. The options are endless with this one!

Optical illusion creative photo with wings


Use your creativity to take these 5 phone photography ideas and make them your own!

Using your own imagination, you can make these phone photography ideas even cooler than the examples. There are so many ways to take creative photos just with your phone!

Want to improve your photography skills? Check out this comprehensive guide!

Which of these phone photography ideas will you try THIS WEEK?


Comment below!

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