5 Reasons to Start a YouTube Channel for Your Photography Business TODAY!

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

Youtube tutorial for why to start a YouTube channel for your photography business

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5 Reasons to Start a YouTube Channel for Your Photography Business TODAY!

Why you should move away from Instagram and use YouTube for your photography business

Is Instagram dead for creatives? Should you start a YouTube channel for your photography business as well?

In this tutorial, Pat Kay discusses the merit of creating content and marketing your photography business thorugh YouTube rather than other social media platforms. He gives 5 great reasons you should start a YouTube channel TODAY!



So how can Youtube help your photography business?

Youtube is the top platform for viewership and content right now.

It’s also seen as a more of an open platform than Instagram. It allows users the freedom to create content more based on what they love, what their audience likes. 

Trying to keep up with all of the TikTok’s and short form video content on social media can be exhausting and overwhelming. 

Youtube gives you more freedom to post content you like and are proud of.

Some business users of Instagram, like Pat, are feeling the loss of that freedom and space with content. It’s become flooded with business, reels, and popular content funnels. 

Top 5 Reasons you should you start a YouTube channel for your photography business:

Reason to start a YouTube channel to be out of your comfort zone

Reason to start a Youtube Channel #1 It will force you out of your comfort zone. 

This is a good thing! Even if you are an introvert – Youtubing will grow and develop you as a person and your creativity. You will learn valuable skills and grow into new areas of your creativity coming out of your safety net.

Start with some short videos, keep filming and get comfortable on camera. 

Once you get out there and start creating, you might find, as Pat Kay did, that Youtube is a great creative outlet.


Starting a YouTube channel is a good hedge against other platforms

Reason to start a Youtube Channel #2 It’s a way to have a content outlet without having to use the other platforms much.

The constant driven trendy content of Instagram might not feel like your thing…so YouTube might be where your content fits better! 

There isn’t only one way to market your business, and TikTok and Instagram aren’t the only platforms to post valuable content and create an audience.


Starting a YouTube channel is a good way to share your work

Reason to start a Youtube Channel #3 Youtube is great for sharing your work. 

You can share the photography and video you take for your business. But you can also share work from your other creative skill sets and inspirations. 

It’s really easy to be yourself and post content that is your own perspective and forms of creativity.

Talk about stuff that you love, and be your genuine self. Show what you’re creating, your process, your business tips, gear or photo tutorials, whatever you want to talk about! 

As a business owner and creative person, you have valuable content to share with the world.


Youtube channel is a great way to share knowledge you have

Reason to start a Youtube Channel #4 Sharing your knowledge makes you better at it! 

The process of teaching makes you think more deeply about the steps, details, making it concise and understandable and connecting concepts. 

You really hone in on the process and how to simplify it.

If you have a cool niche or skillset, or just random knowledge about anything – teach others through your channel! 

Posting tutorial videos, teaching skills, how tos, etc you will in turn get better at those things just by teaching them. 


You can make a living from YouTube channel

Reason to start a Youtube Channel #5 You can actually make a living from it!

Many a photography and creative business has been built sharing YouTube content. As long as you are creating valuable content that people want to watch, you can make it into a living!

Initially Ad revenue will get you money while your views increase. And while small in the beginning, this can grow into covering some living costs all the way to becoming your full time job! 

Revenue streams from Youtubing can grow from just the ads, to sponsored segments, to other streams making this a viable full time gig if you want it to be. 


Photographers, consider creating a Youtube channel for your creative content and to showcase your photography!

Now you have these great reasons, there is no reason NOT to start a YouTube channel for your creative business! 

Which one of these reasons is why you are going to start a YouTube channel for your photography business TODAY?


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