5 Tips for AMAZING Street Photography that You Need to Know!

5 Tips for AMAZING Street Photography that You Need to Know!

How to take EPIC Street Photography – 5 Basic Tips You Should Know

Just starting out in street photography, but don’t know how to master it? Been photographing street shots for a while and want some tips to improve your photos? 

If you want to take amazing street photography, then these 5 tips are for you! Follow these tips to level up your street photography game, and get bangin street photos every time!

Follow these Bacis tips for amazing street photography

In this tutorial, photographer Alen Palander takes you through his tips on a street photography shoot.

Street Photography Tip 1 – Take photos that tell a story

When you are going out to the streets to take photos and choosing locations, you want to be looking for great architecture, shadows and light for what is going to create dynamic and visually appealing photos. 

You want to be able to tell a story with your collection so have at least a simple storyline in mind for the photos that you will be taking. Let the buildings, lines, and natural elements guide your storytelling as you go along.

street photography editing

Tip 2 for AMAZING Street Photography – Use Interesting Angles and Perspectives

Every location has many different angles and perspectives that you should utilize when taking your photos. 

Look up, look down, find different angles or perspectives that aren’t so obvious to the average person who might just walk by that alleyway and never notice what angles and light look like down there. 

You have the opportunity to present different perspectives and tell a more interesting story.

A great example of this is a famous photo spot in the Adam Lambert Galleria in Toronto, Canada of the glass dome architecture, using the tip of looking up to find a different perspective for a super interesting photo.

perspective in street photography

How to Take Street Photography Tip 3 – Vary Your Lenses

Change up your lenses like you change your angles – use them to get diversity in the shots you create more than just with one lense. Different focal lengths (the length of the lens you use) will change what the photo looks like.

Do you want a wide view of the field in your image? Use a shorter or ‘wide-angle’ lens.

Or do you want a small field of view to focus on small objects far away? Then try a longer or ‘telephoto’ lens.

Bring at least two different lenses with you, but the more the merrier! The more lenses you bring and try, the more diversity you will see in the content you create.

You want to tell a story, but not a flat story of only what you see at eye level. 

Get creative with your angles and viewpoints to show different levels of details and distance to be able to tell the story in a more eclectic way.

amazing street photographyTip 4 – Shoot in monochrome for the BEST Street Photography

Take the time to take photos in both color and black and white.

Sometimes photos just don’t turn out well in color, so switch to black and white to let the light tell the story in some shots where it works best. You don’t want to get sitting down to edit only to discover that some photos just don’t look great in color and if you had shot them monochrome they might have come out more appealing. 

Try switching between color photos and black and white, giving your collection more diversity of color and non color spectrum.

street photography editing

Take AMAZING Street Photography Tip 5 – Look For Reflections

The advantage of the street is a vast versatile palette of visually appealing objects and natural elements which you can use in your photography. 

The final tip here is to use reflections to create appealing contrasts and more abstract compositions. Keep your eyes open for any reflective elements in the areas you are shooting. 

Maybe it’s a puddle, car door, window, or a chrome railing – get creative with what you see!

Reflections themselves can tell a fascinating and abstract story, so don’t overlook elements like this.


Hit the Streets!

So whether you’re a new photographer wanting to get into street photography or a well seasoned photographer, these tips will help you to better define your street photography and refine your skills! 

Follow these helpful steps to ensure you take the most amazing street photos to tell a dynamic, rich, and vibrant story from the streets.

Which of these tips can you apply to your street photography THIS WEEK?

Tell us in the comments!