9 Filmmaking Transition Shots to Use NOW

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Film transition ideas to use now

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9 Filmmaking Transition Ideas to Use in Your Next Video

These film transitions will upgrade your videos!

These film transition ideas can give your videos smooth, seamless cuts.

In this tutorial, Matti Haapoja talks about film transitions and the 9 you can easily use in your next video project!


Easy effective film transition ideas you need to use in your videos!

As a filmmaker, you want to be able to tell stories in a way that keeps your audiences attention. One way to do this is to use transitions! A clip of content that takes you from one main idea to the next. 

Read on for 9 different types of transitions you can use to tell your stories better in film.


3 Reasons to use Transitions

  1. Speed up editing – let the viewer imagine what happened in between
  2. Enhance the storyline – a great way to progress the story from one scene to the next
  3. Fix mistakes! – you can fill in spaces you forgot to film for with transition content

Use these transition tips for your vlog, Youtube, social media content and more!


Film Transition shot #1: B-roll

B roll is simply the extra, background or supplemental content you film. Some b-roll is filmed from a separate camera altogether, or you can simply plan to film some filler material and use it as b-roll. 

As long as it’s relevant to the content you are creating, using B-roll can create cool transitions.

You can also us effects on the B-roll film like slow motion, filters, or speed it up.

Film transition ideas the b-roll


Film Transition shot #2: Whip Pan

A whip pan is a quick ‘whip’ of the camera to the side which then cuts to a new scene. This creates a lot of movement in the scene from one to the next. 

For example, whip pan from your office chair to a scene at the coffee shop and then whip pan again and cut back into the office chair with the coffee.

The idea is to spin in the same direction each time and then cut in the scenes with the addition of a dissolve transition and that’s it. 

Whip pan is a great film transition idea


Film Transition shot #3: Match textures

A seamless transition between shots using the same or similar textures. Textures are usually organic materials or they could be any visual you have filmed matched with another. 

For example, you can transition from ocean water foam on the beach to a white popcorn texture ceiling. Or from a bowl of plain cereal to sand dunes. 

Whatever textures and colours match can make for cool video transitions between scene.

Match textures for great video transitions


Film Transition shot #4: Overlays

You can use film overlays from stock footage. These are most helpful for two clips that don’t necessarily flow together to create a seamless visual between them to hide the cut.

Use video overlays for great transitions in videos


Film Transition shot #5 Subject movement

This one is super simple! Just start filming from one angle, then cut to filming from another angle.

For example, if someone is talking to the camera, then turns to their right and the film cuts to the camera angle on their right and they continue talking.

It feels seemless to the viewer even though it might not have been so while filming!

Use the subject movement for film transition ideas


Video Transition shot #6: A match cut

This transition is common for changing locations seamlessly in video content. You can also use this transition to show a change of scenery, weather, someone’s outfit or hairstyle, etc. 

An example of this could be talking to the camera, then covering the camera with your hand and then the hand pulls away to reveal the same person but in a new location or with a new outfit on. 

There are many different ideas you can do with this one!

Use a match cut to change the scene creatively


Film Transition shot #7: Zoom transitions

Zooms are great transitions that work in a lot of scenes. You can do a slow zoom or a long zoom. 

Show a zoom clip in between clips or under a voiceover to enhance the story and help move from one idea to the next.

Zoom shots are a great film transition ideas


Video Transition shot #8: Sound transitions

Sound zooms (from low volume growing to louder volume) are also common, with the cut happening on the loudest point of the sound zoom.

Using sound over any of these video transitions will help the effect seem intentional when used the right way. 

Choose a sound that makes sense with the scene and then use it within the transition to enhance the video!

Sound over video is a great film transition ideas


Mix and match these transition shot ideas in your videos for professional film content!

Many of these transitions are easy to film and cut into your videos, and will help them to feel more smooth and authentic to the viewer!

Want to upgrade your photography? Check out this comprehensive guide!


Which of these film transition shots will you use in your next video content?

Comment below!

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