Auto Mask Lightroom Tutorial

Auto Mask Lightroom Tutorial – How To Mask Anything FAST! (2018)

Auto Mask Lightroom Tutorial

An Easy Guide To Masking in Lightroom – How To Mask Anything FAST! (2018)

Today we’re doing an Auto Mask Lightroom Tutorial. Lightroom Masking is one of the best features in Lightroom! But the auto mask feature in Lightroom is one of the biggest Lightroom Secrets a lot of people have never heard of.
Masking in Lightroom is easy. In this tutorial you’re going to learn the easy way to auto mask in lightroom – Using Lightroom masking brushes to affect Lightroom masks for color, mask overlays, and doing things like recovering blown out backgrounds or getting detail back in the sky.

This Lightroom trick literally changed the way I edit forever – I had no idea how easy it was to create masks in Lightroom, and no idea how masking in Lightroom works as a photoshop replacement for MANY applications.

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create masks in step by step. We’ll go through several images and create masks for a variety of reasons, and show you the easiest way to make masks in your lightroom edits.

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And thats how to easily mask anything in Lightroom fast!

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