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Autumn Fall Colors Lightroom Editing Tutorial

How to edit your photos with that Fall look in Lightroom

The weather is changing, and Fall is here! Learn how to edit autumn color photos in Lightroom and make any photo look like fall. Let’s dive in together and look at what makes for great fall photography & how to change the color of trees and leaves in Lightroom to look oh so fall. Watch the Autumn Color Lightroom Tutorial now, and check the link below for the free autumn color lightroom fall preset!

For desktop users, download the .lrtemplate. For mobile, download the DNG!

As you can see, there are some amazing techniques you can use in Lightroom to make your photos look more like fall and give them that autumn look.

Much of it comes down to properly using the HSL panel to manipulate the hue of the greens and the yellows, while maintaining natural skin tones. If you feel extra adventurous, try experimenting with Lightroom’s color calibration at the bottom of the develop module!

Hopefully this Fall / October Lightroom editing tutorial gave you some new editing tips to try out.

Remember to grab your free Fall Autumn Lightroom Preset!


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Download Your Free Autumn Preset!

Fall tones in one click. Just like all our one click presets.

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[auto generated]
hey guys Ryan here at signature edits
and the weather is changing outside it
is time for fall photos so today I’m
going to show you how to edit your
photos in Lightroom to make them look
that much more like fall and afterwards
I’ll give you a free preset that you can
use right away let’s do it
all right so here is our starting image
I’ve reset it to its basic in camera
settings we’re just going to make a
couple quick adjustments and get started
so I’m going to take my contrast up a
little bit I’m going to mask out this
guy quick little trick just zoom all the
way up make your brush nice and big turn
on auto mask flow all the way up and I’m
going to click on the sky here now you
can’t see anything happening because I
don’t have anything going on but if I
press o you can see what areas of the
image are affected when I do that I
clicked again on another area of sky
that wasn’t affected you can see it’s
done a pretty good job of masking out
the sky now it’s not perfect we’re gonna
have some fringing if we take it too far
in the corners here but for our purposes
all we’re going to be doing reset this
brush by holding alt and clicking reset
I’m just going to grab my highlights and
pull them down and my exposure down very
slightly just so we get a little bit
more detail in that sky so you’re not
going to notice any of the fringing cuz
I haven’t really affected it that much
now if I wanted I could also warm it up
just a little bit just looking a little
blue great now one more thing I’m going
to brighten up our couple here and
darken our image overall so to do that
I’m just going to grab a radial filter
I’m going to drag it out like this press
o so I can see what areas it’s affecting
press the apostrophe key to invert the
mask and what I’m going to do is just
take the contrast down on them a little
bit what that’s going to do is just
subtly brighten them up in this image
not much that you notice it just very
very subtly and drag my feather all the
way up so you can hardly notice it great
so this image is looking pretty good I
could add a little bit of clarity maybe
drop the highlights if I wanted to a
little bit more shadows up just lightly
that’s okay for me pretty good now I’m
going to go into what’s really the meat
of this tutorial and that’s getting that
autumn fall look how do you do that it’s
with your HSL panel so we’re going to go
to our yellows and our greens and we’re
going to grab those drag those bad boys
all the way to 100 below perfect you can
see just like that we’ve gone from green
kind of nice day to fall fall fall fall
fall fall that’s perfect okay so that is
most of it you can stop the tutorial
right now if you want or I’m going to
add a few other little tweaks here just
add a little S curve here now obviously
that’s way too much so we’re going to
dial back our contrast now great
move on I could add some more fall vibes
if I want it with split toning so we
could just add some oranges and
highlights make a little bit warmer take
that way down so it’s super subtle and
shadows if we wanted we could do the
same thing but the only other section
I’m going to do for this tutorial is the
calibration now using camera calibration
I can actually dial in the colors a
little bit more to look slightly more
natural I could really up that magenta
or take it down towards green I think it
looks a little bit more natural if I
take it very slightly up now my Reds I
can do the same thing just experiment
right you’ll find some things work some
things don’t depending on the image –
we’re gonna grab our greens and take
them more towards yellow rather than
green that’s going to enhance that red
effect and subtlety is key so you might
be looking at this image and saying oh
that’s way too far don’t worry you don’t
have to go this far I’m just showing you
what’s possible and we can do the same
thing with our blue primary and just add
more red to the image and desaturate if
it’s looking too intense for your tastes
great so I’m happy right around there
I’m going to take my blacks up a little
because it’s looking tiny bit too
crushed great and if you want to add one
last thing and add kind of that filmy
vibe to your image you can just take
your tone curve double click here and
what that’s done is it’s turned all of
the completely blacks up to the very
dark shadows just the same shade so this
is just enhancing that kind of filmic
look by adding kind of a fade in there
you can do that if you want and I find
doing that a little bit in the greens
can really make a big difference in just
giving it a kind of filmy moody look and
this may or may not be your thing you
can feel free to skip this port part so
there’s before and there’s after and
again we’re looking really contrasty so
I’ll dial it back a little bit and that
is how you go from zero to fall in about
two minutes okay so I’m going to save
this as a preset and make it available
for free we’re going to go create preset
you can make your own preset if you want
autumn fall vibes signature edits and
we’re going to save everything except
for white balance exposure and our
graduated radial filters we can then
just copy those and paste and you can
see how quick and easy you can get that
fall look
in one click so go ahead and check out
the link below to download your free
preset today I will see you in the next
video hey and if this was helpful please
hit that like button don’t forget to
subscribe for more great content and
I’ll keep it coming happy fall

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