#1 Beginner Photography Tip From Pro Photographers

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

Photography tips for beginners from pro photographers

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Pro Photography Tips for Beginners

The Pro’s Have Spoken: Number One Tip They Would Give Beginners

If you ever wanted some pro photographers to share their photography tips for beginners, this is the right place. 

Youtuber and photographer Nigel Danson sits down with Rick Bebbington, James Popsys & Mads Peter Iversen in this video tutorial to share their best photography tip and discuss photography tips for beginners. 

The video also keeps going with other tips about weather tracking, location scouting, and steps to improve more so check it out if you want the full advice! 

Tried and Tested Tips for Beginner Photographers

Photography Tips for Beginners: Concentrate on Process Rather than Outcome

Even if you’ve been taking photos for years, you won’t always come away having gotten the shot you wanted. 

So if you are focused on only the outcome of getting great shots and not the entire process you will be easily disappointed.

If you focus instead of the process of photography as a whole, you will come away much more satisfied with your time spend trying to get shots. 

What does process mean? Process comes down to the gear and settings, choosing location, getting inspiration, scouting compositions, and even editing. 

The whole of photography is more than just the final photo but rather your process, and constantly improving that process.

Enjoy the process of photography over the outcome

Photography Tips for Beginners: Learn Post-Processing – Digital Editing

Editing is a big part of being a photographer. As a rule you want to be shooting in raw, but raw photos aren’t meant to be the final photo. So you will need to know at least a little bit of post-processing. 

No matter what software you choose to use, take the time to learn how to edit well, learn the sliders and settings, and have that skill. 

It will help you improve your photography if you drill down and really learn how to edit well. Editing is also where you can hone in on your personal style as a photographer. 

Find out how you like to edit, what presets you like to use or adjust, and create your own style as you learn to edit.

Photography tips for beginners Make sure you know how to edit

Photography Tips for Beginners: Understand Natural Lighting

Composition is important, but light will make a huge difference. 

Natural light is not always great for photos, depending on the type of light and cloud cover or time of the day.

If you go out when the light is dramatic, such as golden hour or during a storm, you will get better photos. 

Overcast light or rain and wind even can give you amazing photos, as opposed to just sun and nothing else. 

When you understand how to use the natural light and conditions to your advantage, you will be able to capture some incredible photos.

And you shouldn’t let being too worried about your camera gear keep you from exploring natural conditions!

Learn lighting and weather conditions photography for beginners

Photography Tips for Beginners: Play Your Own Game – Not the Comparison Game!

Concentrate on your own process, your own style and your progress rather than comparing yourself to someone else.

You might not be the best photographer in the world, or get as good of a photo at the same location as someone else. 

So what? 

Choose to focus on your journey, and don’t expect huge overnight improvement. Take small steps, look back on older photos to see your progress, and keep going. 

You will eventually get amazing results, and if you focus on comparing yourself you will get discouraged.

Don’t compare yourself to others’ progress, focus on your journey

Beginner photographers listen up, these pro tips will help you to get even better.

It’s amazing how advice from someone further along in the journey, no matter what it is, will help you to grow.

You might not have thought about weather, or comparison, or the
importance of process or editing. But now you will think of them and hopefully try to follow these tips!

Check out this comprehensive guide for even more tips to improve your photography!

Which of these number 1 tips will you start learning or applying TODAY?

Comment below!

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