Behind The Edit w/ Canon Ambassador Ang McCabe

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

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Behind The Edit w/ Canon Ambassador Ang McCabe

Learn how to shoot & edit warm, moody wedding & portrait photography in this episode of Behind The Edit

Inside this episode of Behind The Edit, Ang McCabe walks through her shooting style, posing approach, wedding photography camera gear kit, lightroom presets & wedding photography editing. Grab the popcorn & learn the strategies & editing techniques that will teach you how to shoot & edit like Ang McCabe

I took a lot out of this conversation with Ang, but here are a few of the things that I thought were most important:


Insight #1: To get good at photography, you’ve got to take more photos.

The more you take, the better you’re going to get. You can’t Youtube Binge your way to becoming world class. Videos and books are helpful, but the only way to truly master a skill is by taking what you learn and APPLYING it


Insight #2: You don’t need a TON of fancy gear or lenses to get great images.

MOST of the magic happens through the lighting, the posing, and knowing how to work with the gear you’ve got… Sprinkle in a little extra tweaking in Lightroom and you’re there. Don’t get me wrong – Ang has VERY expensive lenses and an expensive camera. BUT, there isn’t that big of a difference between a $3000 lens and a $600 lens – Especially if you’re smart and buy used. The key is that you just need a few solid lenses and a solid camera. You don’t need to spend $100k to get these kind of images – A basic used 5D iii can be had for about $500, and a basic 35mm, 50mm & 85mm prime will cost you about $200-$400 each if you buy used.


Insight #3: The key to getting amazing photos vs normal photos is in the little details.

Little things add up to big things – Getting the lighting a little better, the pose a little better, the skin tones a little better etc all add up to major differences at the end of the process. Take your time and master the details, because details matter.


What was your biggest lesson learned from this tutorial?

Share it in the comments below!






Camera Bag

Vinta Backpack (No longer sold) Similar style:

Camera Bodies: 

2x Canon R5 –

1x Canon 5D Mark IV –



Canon 35mm f1.4L – 

Canon 50mm f1.2L – 

Canon 85mm f1.2L – 

Canon 100mm Macro f2.8L (for ring shots etc) –

Canon 17-40mm f4L (for occasional ultra wide angle) – 


Camera Accessories

USB Battery Pack –

Extra Canon Batteries –

Extra Canon Charger –

SD Cards –

Holdfast Moneymaker Harness –

2X Canon Flashes –

Canon Flash Modifiers –


Extra Accessories

Portable Speaker for jams –

(12) Clear Umbrellas –


Crystal / Prisms for special effects –

Sparklers for sparkler exits

Fairy Lights – 

Beige Blanket

Bobby Pins





Behind The Edit is a photography video podcast that interviews professional photographers around the world. Learn posing, lighting, gear tips & how to edit directly from the experts.

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