Best affordable gear for content creators

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

Budget gear for content creators in this video tutorial

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Budget friendly accessories for content creators

If you create online content, you need these affordable accessories!

You have probably spent all of your gear budget on your nice camera and lenses; so how do you afford the extra gear you need? Read on for the affordable gear for content creators you need!

In this video, Sean Kitching recommends the gear that content creators should have!


Budget friendly accessories for content creating

Affordable gear for content creators Accessory #1: Extra Battery

This Nitecore battery is something special because it doesn’t need it’s own special charger. 

You simply plug in a USB C cable to charge it. 

This battery also has a super handy battery life feature; a little light to tell you how full or low it’s charge is. Supported by camera brands like Sony. 

Affordable gear for content creators extra battery


Affordable gear for content creators Accessory #2: Camera tool

Try out this mini multi tool by Small Rig. Sometimes your camera or gimbels might have base plates or parts that need to come off, and this little tool can do the job!

This little multi function tool has all you need for on the go fixes. It has both flat and Phillips head screwdrivers as well as different sizes of Allen keys. 

It’s super lightweight and can easily fit in a camera bag. Very helpful tool with all sorts of uses!

Affordable gear portable multi tool great for content creators


Affordable gear for content creators Accessory #3: Neutral Density Lens Filter

What is a neutral density filter?

A neutral density filter (or ND filter) attaches to the camera lens and helps your photos have correct motion blur, shutter speed, and exposure giving you more control over these in your image.

This specific lens filter from Nissi is an incredibly high quality ND filter.

It comes with a lens cap that fits over the filter so if it’s in your camera bag on the lens it can still be protected. It won’t make any weird changes to colors as it’s a true color variable ND. 

Inexpensive extra gear a neutral density filter is great to have


Affordable gear for content creators Accessory #4: Sticky Cloth

Check out this multi-use sticky fabric by Nitecore. This piece of fabric sticks to itself when one side is folded over the other.

Why do you need this?

It is so easy to protect any gear you have laying around or shoved into a backpack. You can use it to wrap and protect cameras, lenses, batteries, your phone, anything!

Affordable content gear this protectant sticky cloth


Affordable gear for content creators Accessory #5: Portable microphone

If you are recording video content, this mic is a must have for high quality audio! The Rode Videomicro mic is small but mighty.

It is small and easily portable, while also being great quality.  Comes with a wind puff to minimize wind sound. Easy to pack and use. 

Also really affordable for a good quality portable solution.

Budget portable microphone high quality


Affordable gear for content creators Accessory #5: Multi purpose mini tripod

The PGYTECH MantisPod mini tripod is lightweight and portable. It works with your phone or camera. 

Well designed tripod for blogging, youtubing or any video content you want to film on the go. It’s fixed for selfie type angles, and folds out as a stand as well as laying flat.

There’s a quick release to take the camera off. It comes with a phone mount attachment. A small hook is designed in for hanging (carefully) the tripod on a fence or tree. 

Small camera tripod for photo and video


Accessory #6 Air blower & Lens cleaner 

A mini air blower from Nitecore which is super handy for removing dust or particles from your camera lens or gear. If your gear has gotten dusty or sandy, it’s easy to clean it with this

Also handy if you’re in a hot environment and need a mini fan to cool off!

Nitecore also have a lens cleaner tool with attachment heads for cleaning on the go.

Inexpensive gear on the go small fan for photograhy


Handy & affordable accessories to help your content creation!

So many small, portable and helpful devices to assist your photography or filmmaking content. 

Interested in improving your photography skills? Check out this comprehensive guide!

Which of these accessories will you go and get for cheap NOW?

Comment below!

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