BEST Way to Save Money if you’re starting a Photography Business!

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

Rent gear to save money

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How to Save Money in your new Photography Business!

You should consider renting photography gear to save money!

Don’t have much camera or editing gear as a beginner photographer? Need gear to grow your business? Rent photography gear to save money is the new thing!

Then this tutorial by John Branch IV is for you! He shares the best ways you can use rented gear to save money and grow your photography business.


Rent photography gear to save money as a beginner photographer!

Use websites such as to rent photography gear, and have it delivered straight to your door!


Tip 1: Rent camera gear to Build the Portfolio of your Dreams

Just starting out as a new wedding photographer you won’t have much of a portfolio to show what you can do!

One thing to help with this is to consgroundider using a photography equipment borrowing service to rent high end gear you can’t afford yet.

You can work on building your portfolio to with high quality shots from better gear without spending a fortune buying upfront. 

Take high quality photos to build the portfolio you need in order to help bring in the clients. Then you can look at buying that gear later on, once you’ve got your business and portfolio established! 

Save your photography business money by renting camera gear


Tip 2: Renting Gear is a Great Way to Save the Bottom Line of Your Business 

When starting up your photography business, buying all the gear you need upfront is a great way to sink your company into a financial hole. Budgets are tight and clients are few to start with!

So renting gear when you need it, such as each weekend for a wedding, is practical in more ways than one.

It will save you money, make your clients happy, which will help your business grow, and saves you going into debt to afford the high quality gear.

While you are setting up your business, trying to attract clients but still have all the expenses, renting gear when you need it will save your bottom line!

Rent photography gear to save money online order


Tip 3: Renting gear is a great way to test out a camera that you haven’t had a chance to use yet!

Renting gear is a great way to try out different gear on a shoot that is bringing in income. 

Like trialing out different cameras and lenses, to decide what you want in your gear that you will eventually invest into buying.

You can ask yourself, does the gear do what I need it to do, for the photos that I’m going to take? 

That is far better than buying outright only to find it’s not working for you! 

Try out different camera gear by renting it online


Choose to rent gear while you are getting started in photography to save money!

You won’t have to buy gear up front with money you don’t have or waste money on a camera only to find out you don’t like it. Renting gear when you’re starting out just makes sense!

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Which of these gear renting tips will you apply to your new photography business THIS WEEK?

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