Lightroom Adjustment Brush Hue Tool Tutorial The craziest Lightroom feature you probably didn't know existed. In this tutorial we'll unpack one of the new + mostly hidden features inside of Adobe Lightroom Classic & Adobe Lightroom CC that will help you create better edits with more selective and impressive color adjustments than ever before,

Photography Mind Hacks 14 photography mind hacks and photography tricks that will engage the mind & instantly improve your photography. Have you heard of neuroesthetics? Me neither - Until this week. Turns out, it's the study of beauty and the brain. What IS beauty? How does the brain decide whether something is beautiful or not? What

Studio Lighting Tutorial An in depth studio & photography lighting tutorial for beginners. I get to see a lot of really cool photos running Signature Edits. The biggest bummer is when I see a photo that COULD have been great, but failed because of one simple thing. 99% of the time, they fail because their

Manual Mode Explained How To Set Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO One of the trickiest parts of learning photography is getting the hang of camera settings. ISO, aperture & shutter speed can be pretty confusing, so I put together a simple demonstration that will help demystify manual mode once and for all ;) Mastering manual

The biggest mistake amateur photographers make! Trying to learn photography? In this photography tutorial for beginners you'll learn how to take good photos - And more importantly, what the difference is between good photography and bad amateur photography (Hint: It's not your gear!) Ever had this happen to you? You go outside to take some