Book More Photography Clients with These EASY Tips!

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Book More Photography Clients with These EASY Tips!

Why You Aren’t Booking More Clients – And How to Fix it!

When you are trying to book photography clients, have you ever had another photographer STEAL a shoot from you? 

Don’t let price undercutting keep you from booking the clients you want – and NEED. Check out these tips which will help you to book more of the clients you want and keep your photography business growing!

How to book more photography clients – follow these tips!

Booking photography clients can be a hard road, especially if you are just starting out and launching your business. But if you find that you are still struggling to book clients, and the sessions that you want to be booking for the price you have set, then you might need to adjust your strategy slightly.

Top 5 reasons you AREN’T booking more photography clients

  1. You aren’t specializing in anything – you don’t have a niche
  2. You don’t understand your market
  3. You are spending more time working on your weaknesses and not pursuing your strengths
  4. You aren’t hiring or outsourcing – most find this too late!
  5. You are bad at SEO and your website isn’t showing up

Statisticaly, most photographers won’t make it if you aren’t doing the above. In this oversaturated photography market, it pays to be unique, niche, and understand the business you are in.

These simple but effective tips will help you to build that strategy and book more photography clients!

Book More Clients Tip #1: Specialize in your niche

Over your creative journey you may have discovered one or two areas of photography that you absolutely love. 

With your photography business, drill down your strategy to specialize in that specific area – whether it’s weddings, portraits, products, businesses, headshots, landscapes. The more you can build a specialized portfolio, the better chances you have at booking the types of clients you want or selling the most photography.

Choose one niche to commercialize, and build your brand around that specialized place. 

Expand your skills in that one area through tutorials, short courses, and practice to be the best you can be at your niche, and watch your business grow!

wedding photography niche

Get more photography clients Tip #2: Know who your desired clients are and market to them

You have to know your market – the people who you want to buy your product or service – in order to sell your photography services the best you can.

If you have no idea who that is, you need to start with some research on the specifics of who these people are:

  • How old are they? 
  • Where do they live? 
  • Are they on social media? Do they surf the web? 
  • What gender are they? 
  • What is their lifestyle?

…you get the point!

Learning these demographics will help you when you are looking to market your business to these specific people. 

For example, if your target market is young people getting married, then you would probably look at marketing on social media, at wedding expos, etc. 

Or if you are a commercial business photographer, you would want to market on linkedin or in your local business pages on social media.

Knowing the market for your niche will help you to bring in more clients and book more photo sessions. Check out this course for building and marketing your business to learn more about target marketing to book more clients!

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More Photo Clients Tip #3: Pursue your strengths, not your weaknesses

Most of you would see weaknesses and want to try to work on them. You might spend so much time focusing on the weaknesses in your skills, brand, strategy, creativity that you miss the opportunity to push forward with your strengths.

Maybe you feel like editing is a weakness of yours, so you spend a lot of time trying to get better or buying more software or equipment to get better.

And while upskilling is a good thing, you might book more clients if you spent more time using your strengths like finding potential clients and pitching to them, or taking amazing photos in natural light that don’t require much editing.

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Photography Business Tip #4: Hire and outsource NOW so you can spend more time booking clients

There are so many tasks that you do in your photography business that do not require your niche skills. Tasks like your business administration, contracts, invoices, weekly newsletter, or even your social media marketing. 

In order for you to be able to spend time doing the things that only you can do, you need to outsource those other activities. 

Try sites like Fiverr or UpWork to get freelance help with business tasks so that you can focus on getting more clients booked!

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Best Tip to Book More Clients NOW #5: Get better at SEO so that your website can be found by potential clients

Hopefully in running your photography business you have heard about SEO, or ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It’s a fancy term for making sure that Google can find your page and ranks it on an easy to find search page (1 is the best) over others when people search for your business online. 

Getting good at SEO takes some practice and practical skills – but it’s easy enough to learn. Check out this tutorial for tips on SEO for your business.

When your business is able to be found easily online by people searching relevant terms that you have in your SEO, you will see more clients finding your business and booking with you.

Simple as an algorithm! (right?)

B609FE86 2878 4C48 AE76 AFBD9B93AE41Be prepared to work hard, because nothing worth having comes for free!

The good news is that you are here, reading this tutorial, so you are already a step ahead. You are wanting to learn how to be better as a photographer and in your business, which is the first step if you need to know how to book more clients!

Avoid the reasons that you might not be booking clients, and follow the tips for how to get those bookings coming in!

Comment: what tip will you apply to your business to book more clients TODAY?

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