Building a fake kitchen set for product photography

What’s Cookin? Building a fake kitchen set for product photography w/ Becki & Chris

You don’t need a kitchen to take food photos anymore!

In this DIY tutorial by Becki & Chris, you’ll learn a genius way to create a glam kitchen photoshoot on a budget… even if you don’t have a kitchen!

Build your own fake kitchen photoshoot set for under $75 using peel and stick tiles + contact paper. Learn how step by step inside this video tutorial.

Building out fake sets can be an extremely cost effective and efficient way to work.

With a traditional (aka real life) kitchen, you’ve got to deal with a lot of factors:

  • Natural light is constantly changing
  • As a room in your house, noone can use it while you’re shooting
  • Most of the time, your kitchen isn’t perfectly photogenic all the time: You’ve got appliances on the counter, dishes in the sink, or less than perfectly matching accessories.
  • By creating your own fake kitchen in studio, you have a perfectly lit set that is available to you to shoot ANYTIME

No more cleaning up pancake breakfasts before you can get to work!

The Basic Method:

  • Get 2 sheets of poster board, plywood or sheetrock (even hard cardboard)
  • Apply peel and stick tile to your backdrop sheet
  • Apply contact paper to your second board to create a fake counter surface
  • Prop against each other, set up lights, and SHOOT.

Of course as you’ll see in the video, nothing is ever quite as simple as you’d think when you start out!

My tip: Skip the contact paper and buy yourself a ready made laminate counter top at home depot for $50.

It will save you an hours work and be much more durable & waterproof than your own DIY version.

What do you think? Is this DIY kitchen worth creating for yourself? Or would you try another method?

Share your tips in the comments below!