Candid Posing Guide Artist Feature | Braeden Brkich

Candid Posing Guide Artist Feature | Braeden Brkich

Braeden Brkich from Cottage Photography talks posing tips & her experience using the Candid Posing Guide!

We LOVE hearing from photographers who are having amazing results using our Candid Posing Guide, and we adore Braeden’s earthy and organic photography style.
When we found out Braeden was using the Candid Posing Guide we knew we HAD to get her feedback!


Tell us a bit about your biz!
Hey! Hey!! This is a tough one! Well Cottage Photography is my babe, my boo thang, my hearts desire. I have recently found my niche and my HEART in my photography and is with Lifestyle & Wedding Photography. Cottage is something that I wanted to portray kindness. I wanted people to feel comfortable so that they could have a unique experience whether that be a dance party before the session starts or during or me singing along to whatever song is playing. I want my clients to know Iam there to capture them in their rawest form.
What are three words that would describe both your personality and your photographic style?
Energetic, Earthy, Genuine


How would you describe your ultimate dream shoot?
UGH. ONE WORD GLACIER I want to do a elopement on a glacier with all sorts of blues the brides dress would be in a very light airy blue dress and the groom would have a deep blue suit. With the most beautiful flowers and literally just take that all in.


Have you always used emotive prompts in your sessions?
I tried to use emotive prompts but I honestly had like one and It just wasn’t working. I felt like I was helping my clients at all and it was so frustrating.


How has your experience been so far using the Candid Posing Guide prompts?
LIFE CHANGING! I love that there is more intimate ones and more jus natural ones. It has helped my clients through “we are awkward when we take photos” This helps them feel like they are basically just there to hang out with their lover and Im just there to hang out too HA!



What’s one of the most emotional experiences you’ve ever had in a session?
I want to say when I was doing this session for a a 50th wedding anniversary and the love that this husband had for her was adorable. When I mean adorable this is what I want for myself when I get older. I added some of the photos from this session take a look!



Do you have any “must try” prompts?
One at a time tell you partner your favorite cereal in your sexiest voice / The one where you act like its absolutely freezing and you’ve got to get as close to each other as possible to keep warm


What advice would you give to someone wanting to achieve more authentic moments, expressions and connections in their sessions?
Honestly relax first and try and connect with your clients because the more you connect with them the more it will show when you start to direct them they will feel more comfortable and able to be themselves



How did you hear about the Candid Posing Guide?
Honestly I was looking at putting together a wedding booklet and I was like I LOVE their style and I was looking through y’alls shop and I was like um is this real life and I immediately bought it.


What made you decide to spend the $$ and give it a try?
I knew it was worth the investment I mean you get over 30+ prompts to help in your session…. Its a no brainer



What one thing from the Candid Posing Guide made the biggest difference?
How easy it is. If a couple gets stuck I usually have them maybe pick one and it has a picture attached, It has been hands down something that has changed my photography and I LOVE it.


Is there anything else you’d like to say? This is where you can elaborate!
YES, first off buy the dang posing guide if you feel like you get stuck, your trying to achieve natural photos, If you actually enjoy having fun and consider your clients friends. DO IT!
Where can people find more from you?

https://www.cottagephotographyy.com/  https://instagram.com/cottagephotographyy


Thanks Brayden for giving us your feedback and review of the candid posing guide!

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