Camera review video tutorial of Canon EOS C70 cinematic for filmmakers

Best Camera for filmmakers: Canon EOS C70 Review!

Why you should check out the Canon EOS C70 Camera

Is this the best cinematic camera by Canon?

Check out this comprehensive Canon EOS C70 review for full specs and features of this cinematic camera!

Parker Walbeck in this BTS shoot video tutorial shares why the Canon EOS C70 is his go-to camera for all things filmmaking!

Canon EOS C70 review for filmmakers


Features of the Canon EOS C70 camera for video

The c70 camera is a super 35 (crop frame camera) but with the .71 canon offers, you can get the full frame field of view with EF lenses. The advantage of this is an added aperture f-stop of light.

This Canon camera has the new DGO sensor which boasts a large dynamic range which helps in different lighting scenarios. 

There are also built-in neutral density filters which give you more control over the light that is captured by the camera and your aperture and shutter speed settings. 

Recent firmware update to the C70 allows shooting cinema RAW which gives your videos much wider editing options in post production.

Camera review features of canon EOS C70

The C70 has a mic jack, it can record two tracks of audio at the same time. Two XLR ports that can attach high quality microphones.

Battery life is about three hours on the small size battery, and you can get a larger (heavier) battery to last 5-6 hours.

This cinema camera is one of the few to have autofocus, with Canon’s dual pixel autofocus performance with face detection and continuous focus. In settings for the camera you can choose face focus and face priority.

Example of the face focus:

The autofocus and face focus is a great feature of the Canon EOS C70


How this camera holds up during shoots

For a bridal shoot, Parker is using the Canon camera with an RF 28-70mm F2 LUSM lens on his main camera, and has a second camera for b-roll (secondary video shots or second angle shots) with an EF 16-35mm f2.8 L USM lens.

He uses the main camera on a gimbal (handheld stabilizing attachment for the bridal videos.

For another indoor shoot of a music video, Parker is taking handheld shots using a RF 24-0mm F2.8 L IS USM Lens

Digital image stabilization turned on for the camera settings helps with the handheld shots being more sharp. Having the camera attached to the body mount rig also gets clean shots.

In studio, as a youtube camera, the C70 is great because the face autofocus means the camera stays tight on the face in the frame even when it moves or changes angles.

The canon EOS c70 is great on location shoots


Overall Canon EOS C70 Review: best camera for video

It’s a perfect compromise between a compact camera and high image quality of a larger cinema camera. 

It’s not a huge cinematic camera and the lens used is lighter so it’s not difficult to carry and position for lengths of time.

It has amazing autofocus, raw shooting, and great battery life. Hard to fault this an amazing camera for shooting videos!

Best camera for filmmakers Canon EOS C70 review


The Canon EOS C70 camera is a filmmakers dream

This review shows in real scenarios where this Canon C70 camera shines. If you’re a video creator you should try out the C70!


Which of the features in the Canon C70 do you like in a cinema camera?


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