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How To Easily Fix Off Centered Images In Lightroom!

Correcting Perspective In Lightroom Tutorial.

How To Easily Fix Off Centered Images In Lightroom, Using The Guided Perspective Tool!


The lens correction tool in Lightroom is definitely an underused feature. A lot of Lightroom beginner tutorials don’t cover it, so here we go!

What do you do when you take a photo you LOVE, only to look back later to find your perspective was off tilt?

Either from lens distortion, or good old fashioned bad camera placement, its easy to have the perspective in your photos look skewed or warped.

Using the lens correction tool and its guided perspective feature we can easily and quickly have Lightroom automatically correct warped photos and skewed / off center perspectives!

Lightroom’s perspective tools have always been good, but until I discovered Lightroom’s GUIDED PERSPECTIVE, it was always a bit of a hassle. Either correcting the perspective in my photos took way too long or it just didn’t work as well as I’d like. So I’d settle for to just straighten my photo and call it a day. But using the guided upright tool (aka guided perspective in Lightroom CC) its now SUPER easy to apply lens correction in lightroom. That means I can change perspective fast and easy, and THAT is a lightroom tip worth sharing!

Lightroom Perspective Correction Step 1: To use the lightroom perspective tool, go to your develop panel and select the transform module.

This is where you go for Lightroom’s more powerful lens corrections dealing with perspective.

Lightroom Perspective Correction Step 2: Click the “guided” button, which will allow you to manually drag lines on your image in places that SHOULD be either vertical or perfectly horizontal.

Lightroom Perspective Fixing #3 – Go ahead and drag a few points that you want to be perfectly level in your image for Lightroom to use as a reference.

As you add points of reference, Lightroom will fine tune its adjustments!

From there Lightroom does the rest of the heavy lifting.

Automatically fixing your off centred photo perspective and correcting any warp, drift or off center skew as necessary.

Obviously this is SUPER helpful when it comes to adjusting off centred photos, but its also an extremely valuable tool for real estate photography and editing architecture photos. No matter what you need it for, knowing this quick lightroom trick is super handy and worth the 3 minutes it takes to learn!

Watch the video tutorial for the full before + after!

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