Creative projector photography tutorial

Illuminate – This creative projector photography tutorial makes you feel like you’re inside The Matrix

Spice up your portrait photography with this creative projector photo tutorial

Looking for something fun to try at your next photoshoot? This projector lighting concept with tutorial by 7th Era looks like an incredibly fun + creative concept!

*PROFANITY WARNING* While the tutorial is full of great info, this video does have profanity. Is that is something you want to avoid, you might want to skip this one.

What I loved about this tutorial is the behind the scenes we get to see the vibes & creative problem solving of the photographer. Sharing the reality that he’s not SURE how to make it happen is encouraging to see that it’s something we all experience.

Keys to make this work:

  1. You need a projector. Hooked up to some kind of a motion background (which you can find for free on youtube by searching for “matrix background” or “cool video backgrounds”
  2. Atmosphere aerosol – Canned haze that helps reveal the light rays from the projector
  3. A dark room where you can control the light
  4. RGB lights of some kind to provide additional color & light sculpting
  5. Omni magnetic haze filters… Very cool little piece of kit that lets you add extra style to your images.

What do you think? Will you be trying this technique out, or have you worked with projectors before? Share your ideas in the comments below!