The SIMPLEST (but decent) Product Photo Lighting Setup

The SIMPLEST DIY Product Photo Lighting Setup

A simple Lighting setup for taking DIY Product Photos at home with cheap & easy materials

Product photography can get expensive quickly. Lights, sets, props & gear can add up fast.

Inside this product photography tutorial, Luke Ayers breaks the fundamentals of product photography – And how to pull it off on the ultra cheap

While all this gear DOES help you take better images and do so more quickly, efficiently and consistently – You can still take decent product photos at home if you know the fundamentals.

At the end of the day, all you really need for a good diy product photo comes down to a camera, a nice light source, and a decent background.

While the lighting setup for this tutorial is by no means super sexy – It DOES do the job in a pinch and on a budget. Once you master the basics like this, you can then expand the into adding props, lighting editorial scenes & on and on.

What do you think? What is YOUR go to lighting / equipment setup for product photography? Share your thoughts in the comments below!