lightroom tropical preset tutorial text on top of various tropical photos with blue green editing style

DIY Tropical Lightroom Preset Tutorial & Free Download

Tropical Lightroom Preset Editing Tutorial

Lightroom Tropical Preset Tutorial & Free Tropical Preset Download

In this Lightroom tutorial you’ll learn how to edit tropical lightroom photos and how to create your own tropical beach presets for adobe Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC & Lightroom Mobile.

One of the frustrating things about most Lightroom preset tutorial videos is they give you a bunch of settings to copy, but don’t explain HOW to actually recreate that specific look. Why are they taking the highlights to minus 23? Why are they adjusting the HSL magenta value hue to +13? In this Lightroom tutorial you’ll learn exactly which settings you need to change to learn how to make your own Lightroom presets, and why certain sliders are used and how to do it for yourself 🙂

While this Lightroom preset tutorial demonstrates how to make tropical lightroom presets, the principals shown in this video will set you up to create better presets of every kind inside of Adobe Lightroom.