Shoot & Edit Like A Pro: Dreamy Wedding Photography w/ Finn And The Fox Photo!

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

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Get Your First Clients, Editing Tutorials & Best Lens Flare Hack Ever With Canon Ambassador Finn & The Fox Photo!

Learn wedding photography business & editing w/ Canon Ambassador Hannah @finnandthefox.weddings

Inside this episode of Behind The Edit:

-Getting your first clients

-Tips for easy posing & connections

-Marketing advice for starting your photography business

-Gear & shooting style

-Step by step wedding photo editing breakdowns

-much, MUCH more.


0:00 – Intro


0:59 – How did you wind up taking photos for a living?

1:46 – How did you get your first few shoots?

3:16 – Best  investments you’ve made in your photos?

4:46 – If you could go back & tell yourself anything, what advice would you give?

5:56 – Other advice?

6:39 – Number 1 piece of marketing advice for young creators?


6:45 – What’s the best thing you can do for SEO?

6:58 – What’s in your camera bag?

8:25 – Any filters / accessories?

10:10 – What are your go-to camera settings?

11:42 – You get 1 camera 1 lens – What do you choose?


12:39 – Most important part of creating photos in YOUR style?

13:12 – How do you control light on the wedding day?

15:15 – What posing or connection mistakes did you used to make?


19:51 – Image Edit 1: Engagement Shoot

25:41 – Image Edit 2: Airbnb Styled Shoot

32:43 – Image Edit 3: DIY Window Light

38:42 – Image Edit 4: Blue Hour Beach

39:59 – “Always be touching”

45:49 – Image Edit 5: Sunset in Greece

53:23 – Scottish Light Rays + Atmosphere Aerosol

57:17 – Scottish Highlands


1:00:46 – Editing Misconceptions Starting Out?

1:01:39 – Why White Sky Is Okay.

1:03:16 – Matching Colors For Print

1:03:55 – White Balance & Training Your Eyes

1:05:17 – Connect w/ Hannah!

1:06:12 – Wrap Up



Camera Bodies: 

2x Canon R6 –


Canon 35mm f1.4L – 

Canon 85mm f1.2L – 

Canon 24mm –

Camera Accessories

Extra Canon Batteries –

Extra Canon Charger –

SD Cards –

2X Canon Flashes –

Canon Flash Modifiers –

2X Roto Light NEO 2 –

2X Cheap lightstands for Roto Lights –

Camera Bag

Manhatten Luggage Trolley Bag (UK only)

Camera Insert – Fjallraven Kanken –

Fanny Pack / Bum Bag –

Extra Accessories

Clear Umbrella For Car –

Atmosphere Aerosol –

Lens Wipes –

Behind The Edit is a photography video podcast that interviews professional photographers around the world. Learn posing, lighting, gear tips & editing directly from the experts.

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