Video tutorial for best camera actions for better video

Easy Camera Actions to Use for Better Video Content

6 Camera Actions to Use for Better Videos

Use these shots to create your short form content or videos for marketing and business. 

Whether you are an influencer, social media manager, or food video creator, these camera actions for better video tips will help your Tiktocs, Instagram reels, or any videos you are taking.

Food photographer Joanne Simon from the Bite Shot shares the top action shots used in Hollywood to create engaging videos.


Amazing camera action shots for the best video content

Ever wonder what the best Hollywood video action shots were and how to use them in you own video content? Wonder no more! These 6 camera action shots will help you create more engaging video content for your viewers.

Camera Action Tip #1: Zoom shot

What is camera zoom? The focal length elongating and shortening to appear closer and farther from the subject while the camera remains in a fixed position. 

Doing a zoom shot moving the shot closer and then further away adds engaging focus for the viewer.

Zoom shot is the first of the camera actions to take better video content

Camera Action Tip #2: The dolly

This is like zoom except you are physically moving the camera closer and farther away. Just as if the camera is sitting on a ‘dolly’ and being moved in and out, rather than the lens moving in closer and farther away.

This action gives the viewer a more physical feeling of engagement and movement.

Camera action to take better video content tip 2 is to dolly

Camera Action Tip #3: Panning

Panning is like zoom but you are moving the camera across the subject.

This creates a feeling of movement and momentum.

Such as filming cooking a recipe, panning from left to right shows the start of the journey of creating the food.

Panning is tip 3 for camera actions to use for better video content


Camera Action Tip #4: The truck

Just like in the movies, the camera is following the movement of the subject like a car chase or walking down the street.

The camera is physically moving and following the subject. Such as in food video, following a steak form the pan to the plate on a different surface.

The truck is a good camera action shot


Camera Action Tip #5: The tilt

Just like it sounds, the camera is fixed and then moved up or down using a tilt handle, tilting to follow the subject or action. Or if using a phone for video, the phone is physically tilted up towards the subject or down on the subject.

This is a good way to create up shots (the subject looks larger) or down shots (the subject looks smaller)

Camera Actions to use for better video content includes the tilt


Camera Action Tip #6: The pedestal 

The camera is not fixed in this shot, but the camera view physically moves up and down. If using a phone, this shot might start low and move the phone up while shooting at the subject.

The camera is not in a fixed position but moving up or down along the scene and following the subject. 

Camera actions to use for better video tip 6 is the pedestal


Camera Actions to use for better Video Tip #7: Put these all together with Storyboards

Use a storyboard to plan out the actions and frames before going to film. This will save you a lot of time filming and when you are editing.

You won’t forget to film a scene, and you can make sure that there is enough good movement with smooth transitions and action shots!

Camera actions to use for better video use storyboards to prepare for filming


These action shots will help you create amazing video content. Try them out in your next Instagram reel or marketing advertisement! 

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Which one of these camera actions to use for better video will you try next?


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