Food Photography For Beginners – FREE Crash Course!

Food Photography For Beginners

Learn how to style, light & photograph incredible food photos

Food photography is it’s own art form. While it shares a lot in common with typical product photography in terms of working with smaller objects and styling a scene, there is an extra layer of complexity when it comes to taking great food photos. Taking mouth watering food photos that pop off the screen is tricky when food doesn’t stay the same for long once it is cooked.

If you’re a beginner food photographer (or have some experience but just need a refresher!) this 30 minute food photography tutorial by East Meets West Kitchen is like a free masterclass course for food photography lighting, food photography styling and food photography editing.

Get ready to get hungry 😉

Taking better photos of food comes down to many of the same basic principals of all photography

1 – Improve your lighting.

The better the lighting for your food photos, the more appetizing, vibrant and incredible that food is going to look

2 – Select a great backdrop.

You’re not simply taking a photo of a burger or plate of spaghetti – You’re telling a STORY. Make sure the elements in that story match the scene you’re trying to set.

3 – Editing to get those final details exactly right.

Inside of Lightroom you can edit food photos to add depth, contrast & clean up the little details

What do you think is the #1 tip you got from this 30 minute food photography crash course?

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