Lightroom Tutorial for absolute beginners. Learn everything about lightroom in this free lightroom training program / crash course

FREE Lightroom Tutorial For Beginners – The Complete Beginners Guide To Lightroom

Free Lightroom Tutorial for Beginners

Complete beginner when it comes to Lightroom? No worries! We’re going to change that.

So you got this new photo editing software called Lightroom. And then you realize you have no idea how to use it. So you start looking for Free Lightroom tutorials and find about a billion different options – some of them over 20 hours long!

Why spend hours watching Lightroom tutorials when you can learn the basics (and then some!) in just 16 minutes?! In this Free Lightroom Crash Course, we’ll run through everything you need to know about Lightroom from start to finish. Importing your images, culling, sorting, batch editing, and finally developing and exporting + sharing them with the world!

Check it out here. May all your photo editing dreams come true 🙂

That’s it – You’re officially a Lightroom Master.

– or at least well on your way!


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You’ve taken some huge steps from moving from complete beginner at Lightroom to accomplished Lightroom Veteran.

How does it feel?! We hope our Free Lightroom Crash Course for beginners was helpful to you.

Whether you’ve been using Lightroom from a while, or you’re starting Lightroom from scratch, our fingers are crossed you learned a thing or two!

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