Free Photographer Business Card Template PSD download!

FREE Photographer Business Card Templates!

Free Photographer Business Card Template PSD

Free Business Card Designs For Photographers & Creatives

When we started our photography business, we searched for hours for a good business card design. The truth is that although there are a million business card designs available online, there aren’t that many business card templates out there for creative people… Or at least, not many card templates that actually look GOOD and aren’t dated.

So we put together a few creative business card designs of our own, and we’re giving them away for free for a limited time. These business card templates are PSD files, so you’ll need photoshop to edit them. If you don’t have photoshop, you can always sign up for Adobe’s free 30 day trial! To download your free business card templates just scroll to the links below.

Creative FREE Business Card Templates

When we designed these free business card templates for creatives, we wanted them to be more than just a little card with some information on it. As a visual business, your branding is important. We designed these business cards with the same thought process as with our Free Photographer Pricing Guide. In short – Would WE use these free business card templates ourselves?

The free card designs we came up with will work perfectly as business cards for photographers, designers, creatives or branding agencies. They’re short and to the point. One thing we learned the hard way is trying to fit too much information on a business card. The people you give business cards are generally after 3 things – Your email, your phone number, and your website. That’s it. Anything more is distracting and unnecessary. Facebook url, instagram bio, linked in profile… None of it serves any real purpose other than cluttering your design and diluting the message of your business card. If a client wants to find you on social media, rest assured they know how to do so, or can find the links from your website!

Photography is an art, but there is a business side as well. The marketing and business is where a lot of creatives really struggle. That’s part of the reason we wanted to make these business card designs free. If you’re like 95% of creative business owners out there, odds are good your branding NEEDS WORK. Updating your business card design with something new, fresh, and modern means you make a better impression and separate yourself from the crowd.

Modern Wedding Photographer Business Card Template

Using Serif Fonts for a polished and high class feel. Simply click the photo to download, or find links below.

Free Photographer Business Card Template PSD download!

Warm & Whimsical Photography Business Card Template

Incorporating a brush script into the cards gives them a more personal, whimsical feel.
Simply click the photo to download, or find links below.

Free Photographer Business Card Template PSD download!

Modern Boho Light & Airy Business Card For Photographers

As you can see, the image you use on your business card design makes a big difference in the feel. Simply incorporating a lighter, more airy photo gives this business card design a whole different vibe.
Simply click the photo to download the template, or find links below!

Free Photographer Business Card Template PSD download!

Editable Photography Business Card Design PSD

This business card template has a similar feel, however we wanted to make it a little more edgy. To do this, we used a darker overlay on the back side of this photography business card design. Simply click the photo to download this business card template, or find links below.

Free Photographer Business Card Template PSD download!

Time To Download Your Own Free Business Card Templates For Photographers!

Since traditional business cards can be so simple and boring, these card templates are designed to stand out from the crowd. You can print them through any business card provider – We’ve had great success using Vistaprint. Simply download the Photography Business Card Template you like, and then create, edit and personalize to fit your brand.

All templates are professionally designed to WOW your clients and give you the best possible results. For more branding materials make sure to check out our Photographer Pricing Guide! Enjoy!

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