Here’s How To Book $10,000 Photography Jobs

How To Book High Paying Photography Jobs

Make more money, book more photoshoots & do the work you love

The #1 struggle photographers have when they’re starting out is learning how to get paying clients.

After you have a few photoshoots under their belt, you finally figure out how to make $100, $300 or $500 for your portrait shoots. Then maybe you do weddings for $1k-$5k.

But how about higher paying clients?

How about working with big brands?

How about getting those dream gigs for $10k, $15k or $20k+?

Turns out, the process is VERY different from the way you start out with lower paying gigs.


Inside this tutorial Evan Ranft shares his journey and the way he leveled up from his first local gigs to working with larger brands, agencies, and high paying jobs.

Some key video tutorial takeaways to getting high paying gigs:

Most LARGE companies aren’t working directly with their photographers and videographers.

Most of the time, they’re hiring a media agency who will handle ALL of the content creation and for that company. The agency will then hire and outsource all their different projects from there to smaller teams and individual photographers, filmmakers and content creators

High Paying Gigs are almost ALWAYS referral & network based

As you plug yourself into the world of working with agencies, if people are impressed and like working with you, they’ll forward your name to other agencies and jobs that fit what you do. The truth is that the work you produce isn’t the most important thing. Yes it matters, but there are THOUSANDS of other photographers who take incredible photos. The key is getting KNOWN and being in the forefront of mind when someone needs a photographer to fill the job.

Your portfolio MUST showcase that you can create what the brand needs.

The more you are able to show the PROOF OF CONCEPT through your work, the more you demonstrate you can deliver the exact solution to the brand’s needs.

The higher the budget, the more the brand has at stake. Therefore, the more important it becomes that the client finds a photographer they are SURE will deliver the work they are spending so much money to produce.

Pitch Decks & proof of concepts give you an edge

If you’re trying to approach agencies or form new concepts, it’s worth spending energy in order to SHOW THEM you can deliver what they’re looking for. Yes you’re “working for free” BUT you’re also getting paid in the work that it generates. Until clients see your value through your work, you won’t be able to land these bigger gigs.


What do you think? Do you have tips & tricks for getting high paying gigs?

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