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Best gifts for photographers and content creators

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Best Holiday Gifts for The Content Creator in Your Life!

Perfect Gifts for Photographers and Videographers

Who doesn’t love gift-giving and receiving around the holidays!? (the Grinch, I guess). But everyone knows that gift giving for content creator friends is made much easier with a helpful list of gifts for photographers!

If you need some easy, inexpensive gifting ideas or want to know the latest deals on gadgets, this tutorial is for you! Tech gadgets and accessories make great gifts for content creators busy capturing and editing their art.

Kevin from Easy Tiger Creative shares the top 13 tech accessory gifts you can get for the content creators you know, or even to put on your own

List of Great Gifts for Photographers and Videographers (or for your wish list!) 

The holidays are a great time of the year for sales and amazing deals, especially on tech accessories and gear! And with that time of the year just around the corner, there is no better time to get your gift lists in order.

Here is a list (and links to) of some great ideas for gifting (or receiving) for those content creators who might be hard to buy for.

Gifts for Photographers – Lens Filters:

Check out this awesome Variable ND Filter by the brand Moment. This filter has minimal vignetting and 2-5 stops, and is useful for photography and video. The price is decent as well!

This Cinebloom Diffusion filter 10% by Cinebloom is a great small but useful gift. The 10% is a great subtle, soft filtering of the light and is great to have for photo or video.

The photographers and videographers you know will love this 82mm Antiglare CPL Filter by Moment. This circular polarizer lens filter has a great anti-glare and reflection feature.

Lens filters are great gifts for photographers

Lens Filter Step-Up Ring:

This Step-up Ring by Sensei allows you to use 82mm filters on a 67mm lens. If you don’t know the size of the lenses of the person you are buying for, grab one of these step-up rings with the lens filter so they can easily adapt the filter.


Gifts for Videographers – Rode VideoMicro Mic:

If you know someone who could use a nice on-camera Microphone for video, this inexpensive VideoMicromic by Rode is the perfect gift. It’s inexpensive but powerful, capturing great, crisp audio at a compact size.

Mini microphone is a perfect gift for vloggers and YouTubers


Synco Wireless Mics:

Any vlogger or Youtuber will love this Wireless Mic Kit by Synco. And the best part is the pack is under $200 USD. This mic set is great for capturing audio further from the camera, and is not that expensive!

A mini wireless microphone set is perfect for videographers

Gifts for Photographers – On the Go Tripod:

This great little Tripod from SwitchPod easily attached to your camera or smartphone for easy vlogging or videoing on the go.
It’s a great accessory to have and is very sturdy and functional.

Give the gift of a portable tripod this holiday


Peak Design Camera Clip:

This accessory is a must-have for any travel or action photography! This inexpensive Camera Clip attaches your camera to any strap to keep it safe on the go. Clip your camera to your backpack, belt, or any strap to be hands-free.

Handy camera clip to keep your camera safe while being handsfree


Peak Design Camera Wrist Strap:

Another must-have for on-the-go camera safety, this Wrist Strap clips to your camera so you won’t have to worry about dropping it ever again! Gift safety and peace of mind with this sturdy strap.

Keep their camera safe with a wrist strap as a gift


Peak Design Lens Changing Kit:

Easily pack, store and change two camera lenses with this easy one-hand Lens Changing Kit! This lens holder helps you to change lenses more efficiently for less than $50.

This handy lens changing kit is a great gift for photographers


Aputure MC Light:

An on-camera continuous light source, the Aputure MC Light is a useful accessory. This light is inexpensive and useful for backlight or just to easily light a scene. It’s inexpensive and allows you to change the color of the light as well.

A simple and inexpensive camera light for photography or videography by Aperture

Gifts for Photographers – Photo Professional Cleaning Kit:

This inexpensive yet important Camera Cleaning Kit would make for a great stocking stuffer this holiday season. It’s a great small gift that is really useful for any content creator with camera gear.

Gift a photographer an inexpensive camera cleaning kit


Gifts for Photographers – Nomatic Mckinnon Lens Filter Case:

A gift under $50 USD, this Lens Filter Case is great for those with lens filters to store and protect. Lens filters need to be stored carefully or they can get damaged or break! 

A lens filter case makes a perfect gift for photographers


Cheaper Filter Case:

This Lens Filter Case is half the price of the Nomatic, so you can afford to add on a lens filter or two with your gift. Give the gift of storage for your friends with lots of lens filters.


Put these on your Wish-List, or buy some great accessories for your content creating friends.

This holiday season be the best gift giver with these handy ideas. Hopefully you’ve got some friends in mind for these gifts, or might even buy a few for yourself!

Looking to improve your photography? Read this comprehensive photography guide next!

Which of these accessories from this list of gifts for photographers is on your wishlist this holiday season?

Comment below!

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