How do you become a better filmmaker?

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

Video tutorial tips for getting better at filmmaking

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How do you become a better filmmaker?

5 Tips for Improving as a Videographer

Filmmaking and storytelling through video is an artform like no other. You want to know how to become a better filmmaker?

Sean Kiching shares his top 5 practical tips you can apply to help you get better at filmmaking in this tutorial.



How to improve your filmmaking? Top tips for creatives

Unlike quick fixes or easy hacks, these tips are actually practical to your life in videography. 

Tip #1 for How do you become a better filmmaker: Figure out what your style is & stick to it!

Start with trying out a few styles of videography, and see what inspires you. Filmmaking is a creative art and if you are doing what you are passionate about it will make for better art.

There are so many different styles to try like Youtube, documentaries, short films, cinematic films, wedding videography, video advertisement, and more. 

‘Niche down’ as they say and focus on what you want to do, after trying a few styles. What style fits your passions and personality?

This way you have a broader skill range in a few areas of filmmaking that you can improve and grow on. 

The film you create when you’re focussed on a style will be better than not having a focus.

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Tip #2 Take ideas from your favorite creatives

Wait what? Steal their ideas? Yes!

Springboard off of the people and work that inspires you, and get creating.

If you are just starting out, your inspiration sources are what are driving you. Take from those ideas,styles, locations, shots,or whatever you need to get out there and film something. 

You won’t have to worry about what you create being an exact copy of what was taken, because your own personality will come through.

Eventually you will have your own style you create from but at first you should use the inspiration from creators you enjoy.

Become a better filmmaker by taking ideas from other creatives that inspire you


Tip #3 Practice practice practice! (& more practice)

To get good at anything, you have to put in the hours and effort to improve. 

Take the time to practice your video skills. Then repeat the steps over and over. 

Your process could look like: Coming up with an idea, getting the vision, going out and shooting footage, then reviewing the footage and taking notes for how you can improve. 

How far is the final product from your original vision?

Then repeat the process! You will get closer to the vision the more you practice.

To get better at filmmaking repeat the process for filming over and over


Tip #4 Think about the future and what you want to do with your video skills

What are your goals as a filmmaker? Where and how do you want to grow in your skills or career? 

Set yourself up for success by knowing your goals in filmmaking and setting your course to reach those goals. 

Think about your creative or career goals and point yourself in that direction. Take courses or learn the skills you want to have. 

Do you want to make a steady income? Make sure you know how to run a videography business and how to get clients and sell your work. 

Do you want to do travel videography? Learn all you can about how to take the best videos while traveling and get connections in that space to get jobs.

Focus on skills that you can use towards your goals, such as business operations, sound, lighting, and editing.

To get better at filmmaking think about the future and learn the skills to meet your goals


Tip #5 Surround yourself with like minded creatives 

Make some filmmaking friends! Preferably ones who are more experienced and even better than you. 

Having people in your world who are better than you at filmmaking and you can learn from them will be so helpful. 

Look at their work and their process. Ask them questions! 

Their experiences, positive and negative, will help you learn and grow as a creative person. They might have great tips and tricks for things so you don’t have to take as much time learning. 

You can even learn from others who aren’t maybe as far along as you are.  

Just being around other filmmakers and creatives with different techniques and new ideas will inspire you and help you grow.

Videography skills sharpen when you are around other creatives and filmmakers


Become a better filmmaker by applying these simple yet effective practical tips.

Once you apple these, it may take some time to see the changes but the growth will be long lasting!

If you want to improve as a photographer as well, check out this comprehensive guide!


Which of these filmmaking tips will you apply to become a better filmmaker NOW?


Comment below!

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