How To Add Fake Lens Flare Effects in Lightroom

How To Add Fake Lens Flare Effects In Lightroom

An easy tutorial for creating sun flare, light rays and other lens flare effects using Adobe Lightroom (plus free presets!)

Ever have a photo you just wish had a little extra oomph to it?

Maybe everything about it is technically correct, but its just a little… Boring.

Adding fake lens flare effects to your photos can be an easy way to make your photography stand out and add that extra bit of flare to your images (pun intended).

Luckily for you, its super easy to add flares and light rays inside Lightroom. Whether you’re a photography beginner or advanced photographer who knows Lightroom inside and out, this can be a super handy technique for adding special effects inside your Lightroom editing.

Adding fake lens flare and realistic light rays is actually pretty straightforward. Inside this Lightroom tutorial we’ll walk through how to add sun flares to your photos using radial filters and other editing tricks. Lightroom is actually incredibly capable when it comes to special effects like adding fake sun flare, bokeh and light rays, so let’s dive in together and learn to add realistic sun flare to your photo editing in Lightroom.

Looking for the free Lightroom presets?

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