How to build a following on twitter as a photographer / visual artist

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

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RIP Instagram Creators – Here’s how to build a following on twitter as a photographer / visual artist

As instagram deals the death blow to creators, here’s how Twitter might be your new best friend

Twitter has gotten a lot of coverage lately with it’s buy out from Elon Musk, but what’s got us excited is less about 30 billion dollar buy outs and more about a platform that still gives photographers a chance

With Instagram hardly even showing your photos these days, many creators are jumping ship and looking for new alternatives: And Twitter has become the new home many creatives are flocking to.

In this video, Teemus Photo shares his techniques and strategies for transitioning onto twitter & building a photography following from scratch. 

How To Get People To Follow Your Photography On Twitter

Here are a few basic & essential tips to ensure your account has the max traction you can get early on:

  • Maximize your profile to showcase exactly what you do and why people would be interested in following you.
  • A nice profile photo
  • Description that tells people quickly who you are and what you do
  • High quality banner (you can use Canva for templates)
  • Pin a set of 4 photos to the top of your tweets that showcase the best photos you think represent what your work is all about

What should you post on Twitter to grow your photography account?

The Type Of Content You Want To Share

  • Tweet minimum 70% high quality photography content. For the most sticky account, you want photos that are consistent and high quality.

How Do you Grow Your Photography Account On Twitter?

Here Are Some Keys For Going Viral & Initiating Growth

  • DO NOT use hashtags. Twitter is about visually pleasing, high quality viral worthy content.
  • Visually tweeting = 4 landscapes side by side, OR 1 portrait photo are the two best options

The Advantages of Twitter over Tiktok or Instagram

Currently on twitter, it is STILL possible to grow & attract an audience simply by sharing photos. As the platform grows this may change, so now is the best time to transition and start building over.

A Step By Step Twitter Guide To Growing Your Photography Account From Zero Followers:

While there is obviously more to it than just 3 steps, the basics are pretty simple. It’s the execution and quality that count, NOT the complexity of your approach.

1 – Use your current following on other platform. Ask them to follow you on twitter. Incentivize them to do so with freebies or connection

2 – Engage in the community – Interact with other people, comment on other people’s tweets. Be social to make friends

3 – Ensure your work is high quality and has mass appeal. If your work is high quality and original, you will grow far faster than other accounts. On the other hand, if you are just starting out in your photography, don’t get discouraged by slower growth – Your following will grow as you grow in your work, post consistency, engage and don’t give up!


Remember: The results you see will depend on the amount of effort, consistency and value you bring to the platform.

While we don’t know exactly what lies in wait for the future of Twitter, it is certainly an area of opportunity for creatives to get their work seen and found.

And THAT is something we are all about.


What do YOU think about Twitter for photographers? Are you going to make the switch, or do you still think it’s not worth the time & effort?

Let us know in the comments below!


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