How To Convert Pixels To Inches Infographic

How To Convert Pixels To Inches Infographic

Convert pixels to inches (or vice versa) with this handy infographic!

So you’ve just created a beautiful image, and you want to print it. So you upload the jpg and get an alert saying “image resolution is not high enough – Please upload images with a recommended dpi of 300…. etc.

Here’s how to easily convert inches to pixels – You take the number of inches, and multiply it by your dpi.

Ex 5 inches @ 300dpi = 1500px.

So How Do I Convert Pixels To Inches?

What does DPI mean? It stands for dots per inch… which is basically the resolution that your image is going to be printed at… How many individual dots of ink are being printed on that page. Basically this is just the analog version of pixels.. Think of a 1080p HD movie vs 360p youtube cat video… Big difference in the quality of the image. One is crisp and clear, the other is pixelated and blocky. That’s because there are fewer pixels per inch. The same goes for high quality prints and DPI. For web resolution, 72 pixels per inch is all you ever need (72dpi) – However for print, 300dpi is a pretty typical recommended size. Anything lower, and visually things will look fuzzy or blurry instead of crisp and sharp.

You Need An Easy To Use, Pixel To Inches Conversion Infographic!

Pixels To Inches Tool / Chart / Graphic:

We’ve created a handy pixel to inches / inches to pixel conversion tool so that your troubles converting inches to pixels or figuring out how to convert pixels to inches are now officially a lot easier using this pixel to inches conversion infographic! Choose whichever pixels to inches graphic / inches to pixels chart you find most aesthetically pleasing. Enjoy, and if you have any pixel to inches or inches to pixels questions – We’re all ears!

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