How To Create A Photography Logo In Photoshop!

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

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How To Create A Photography Logo In Photoshop!

Learn how to create a photography logo signature in photoshop quick, easy & totally free!

In today’s marketing & branding tutorial, design your own signature photography logo step by step.
Use your signature logo for photo watermarks in Lightroom & Photoshop, and in your branding & marketing for your photography business.

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hey guys Ryan here at signature edits
and today I’m going to teach you how to
create a photography logo inside a
Photoshop it’s quick it’s easy and it’s
totally free let’s do it all right so
I’ve got Photoshop in front of me we are
going to hop over to Google first and
get some fonts we’re going to head to that’s a great spot you can
get free fonts and we are going to
search for a script font so I’m going to
select script here and then I’m going to
go to more options and just make sure
that I am checking 100% free as well as
donation whereas all right – and I’m
going to uncheck free for personal use
the reason is we want to use this for a
business for our photography studio so I
need to make sure that I have permission
to do so so we’re going to do that then
hit submit fill update and here we have
all the fonts that we can choose from
for free now I’ve got a head here and
already selected one that I like the
looks of just let me find it okay
scrolling scrolling and let’s go with
this one Mada see we’re going to go to
download’ that’s downloaded we just
click it there and open it up to install
the font all I have to do is just double
click this text file and hit install and
that’s on a Mac on a PC it’s very
similar you just double click and it
should load right up and now that that’s
done we’re going to open up Photoshop
and create a new project we’re gonna
make it 1920 by 1080 and set the
resolution to 300 pixels per inch in
case we ever want to print it 1920 by
1080 is a random number you don’t have
to go with it you can make it whatever
you want and let’s say that our name is
cat Lawrence cat Lawrence if you’re out
there this is not on purpose but I hope
you like your logo so we’re going to
make a big text file there and we’re
going to pull up the font that we just
downloaded what was the name of that
font modesty the best font ever okay
got that we’re going to duplicate this
text file by right-clicking hitting
duplicate and just typing photography
all caps
drag that down beneath we’re going to
make it let’s go with Montserrat and
that’s kind of a standby font you can
use and I’ve just set the spacing to 200
on the sky and you know what I’m
actually liking
I feel like lower case would be better
on this so we’re gonna go with lower
case photography space it out maybe 350
400 great and cat Lawrence we’re going
to take that back something like this so
you just play around get your logo the
way that you like it typically having
the photography with a nice big spacing
and a sans-serif font so montserrat you
can also what else can you use aw
conqueror has a cool one gilfs ons is a
great font y’all stick with kill saans
and we’re gonna even make it more spaced
let’s go crazy with the spacing and you
can put that aligning these two right
here or if your name works better this
way you could try it that way it just
comes down to how it fits with your
unique name so we’ve got something that
I’m pretty happy with now I’m going to
resize it just to fill up this space
like so and once I’m done there I can
crop it by hitting C or using my crop
tool which is right there the reason I’m
doing this is because I don’t need any
extra space this is just for when I’m
using the logo I only need it to be the
size of the logo so we’re going to go
like that crop it in now once that is
done I can press Enter
perfect looks pretty good and I can go
command s to save ctrl us on a PC or
just file save and we’re going to create
a new folder
Ryan’s logo cat Lawrence you want to be
able to edit it in the future so make
sure you do that
fantastic and now we’re going to save it
as a PNG go file save as and then to PNG
and PNG is basically just a transparent
background image if you want to use this
as an overlay in your photos you need a
PNG first though I need to make sure
that my background is no longer visible
and now you can see that it’s just a
transparent background so we’re going to
save go PNG again here great and those
file size you don’t really need to worry
about that I just go with smallest and
now if you want to put that on top of
one of your photos all you have to do
we’re going to save that let’s open this
guy up hide our text here let’s say we
got our photo here and we want to put a
watermark on top all I have to do is
find my cat’s cat Lawrence logo grab it
like this pull it in and if it needs to
be white I can invert by pressing
command I or by double clicking here and
going color overlay and then I can set
the color to whatever I want it to be
and you can resize by hitting command T
or ctrl T or transform and we’re just
going to hold shift and resize to the
size that we want it perfect you know
I’ve got a watermark you can do the same
thing in Lightroom all you have to do is
open up Lightroom and we go up to
Lightroom and at watermarks we’re going
to go here where it says image options
choose our image press Enter
and there we have our logo right here we
can resize it move it around depending
how we want to set it up no obviously
this is black we need to have a white
version to make sure that it shows up so
I’m going to hop back over to photoshop
really quickly and we are just going to
reopen our project here
don’t save that cat Lawrence and just
turn this text white by double clicking
color overlay white BAM double click
color overlay and set it to white great
and what we can also do is add a shadow
to it so that
will show up so I’ve put these layers in
a group by selecting both of them
hitting that folder then I’m hitting
drop shadow and I don’t need it to be
super super pronounced just enough that
if it’s on a bright image it will still
show up so I’m gonna go probably around
there maybe a little bit less in size
and more subtle there we go something
like that so I’m going to hit save it
now and then save a new version of this
and we’re going to call it logo white
great now head back to Lightroom we can
choose our image again choose this white
one and you can see how much better
that’s showing up already now you can
just make it as large or small as you
want just the inset and you’re good to
go and we can save that as our new cat
Lawrence what that is exactly how you
create a free photography logo inside of
Photoshop takes less than five minutes
super easy guys and if you want to
download this logo for free I’ve made
that template available you can check
the link in the pinned comment on the
very top of this video hey if this video
was helpful please hit that like button
don’t forget to subscribe and leave me a
comment the top comment is going to
receive some free Lightroom presets so
you do not want to miss out on that
tell me what you thought and what you
want in future videos alright catch you
next time



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