how to add lens flare, light flare, light leaks in lightroom tutorial guide

How To Create Epic Sun Flares In Lightroom

How To Create Epic Sun Flares In Lightroom

A Quick Tutorial for making sun flares, lens flares, light flares inside Lightroom.

Sometimes an image or photo you’ve taken just lacks a certain lustre. Perhaps its a bit drab or dull. Maybe you need some added interest or drama. Or you just want to give it that extra shine. Adding sun flares (Also known as lens flares, light flares) in Lightroom is a quick and easy way how to make your photos more interesting, and set them apart from the crowd.

Those awesome flares and leaks in photos are the result of the sun / light source reflecting across the multiple elements of glass inside a lens. Properly used, lens flairs add warmth and depth to your image, giving your photos a more organic feel.


Step By Step Guide To create epic sun flares inside Lightroom

STEP 1: Create a radial filter

Sun flares naturally reduce the contrast in your image, so we’ll set our new radial filter to naturally lower the contrast & clarity, and warm it up to give it that sunset / sunrise glow.

how to create a sun flare in lightroom

STEP 2: Save your new filter as a preset so you’ll have it in your lightroom adjustment brushes!

save sun flare preset in lightroom

STEP 3: Now that you’ve learned how to create a sun flare filter and saved it as an adjustment preset, drag it out to the portion of the image where your flare belongs.

Look for the direction of the light and where the sun is located, and place your sun flare close to that spot. Light flares or sun flares in Lightroom won’t look natural if you place them on the shadow side of your image or somewhere other than where the sun should be.

Here’s an example of what NOT to do:

STEP 4: Once in place, tweak your light flare / sun flare so that it matches the image / blends well.

Subtlety is your friend – The goal is to have your lens flare feel natural, and be felt more than seen.

STEP 5: Sit back and enjoy your work. You’ve just learned how to create sun flares inside of lightroom.

Now that you can create flares without leaving lightroom, you can add this effect quickly and easily to other images.

And that’s how to create epic sun flares inside Lightroom. Enjoy!


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