How To Download and Use Trending Audio From Instagram Reels WITHOUT Editing In The App!

Reel Good – Here’s how to download trendy IG & Tiktok audio for your reels (without using the apps)

Tired of trying to edit reels on your phone? Here’s how to download audio from instagram without the app.

If you’re any kind of full time video editor, you probably prefer working on your computer to create your reels instead of spending hours attempting to use your app.

Well, turns out there is a pretty simple process for grabbing the audio from IG reels, while still being able to edit your reels in premiere or final cut or your NLE of choice, allowing you to get the best of both worlds.

Thanks @dunnadidit for sharing this super insightful and thorough tutorial process!

When it comes to getting the best possible SEO juice from the Instagram & Tiktok app algorithms, using their platform audio can give your videos an edge.

The beauty is the platform also lets you see which audio tracks are most popular to help you tap into trends.

Dunna also shares some awesome tips for editing with the music, exporting settings & tips for creating the best possible quality reels to show off your work the way it was meant to be seen

What do you think? Do you edit in app, or prefer editing in Premiere, Finalcut or Resolve? Share below!