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In this tutorial you’ll learn how to edit an entire wedding using Lightroom Classic from start to finish!

Learning how to edit weddings in Lightroom can be hard. When I was first learning how to edit wedding photography, it used to take me 40+ hours to edit a wedding. I had no workflow or system, and so it was overwhelming.

Over the years I’ve developed a wedding editing workflow that has taken my average editing time down from 40 hours to around 6 to 8 hours… About 8X faster! Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to refine your skills or a beginner eager to learn, I’ll show you my entire editing workflow and all the tips and tricks I’ve come across over the years on how to edit wedding photos to cut my editing time down by 75% (and give me MUCH better results)

Click the video below to learn how to edit wedding photos in Lightroom Classic!

p.s – Not a LR Classic user? Click here to watch me edit this wedding in Lightroom CC!



What We’ll Explore In This Wedding Photography Editing Video Tutorial:

Importing and organizing your wedding photos like a pro. You’ll learn how to cull a photoshoot & select the best photos to give your clients. Helping you select the crème de la crème shots while waving goodbye to duplicates and not-so-great pics.

The Global Magic: We’ll start with the basics – adjusting exposure, contrast, and white balance. Watch as we transform the overall vibe of your photos with just a few clicks inside this full wedding in lightroom.

Nailing Local Adjustments: Join me in discovering the wonders of brushes, gradients, and radial filters. We’ll work our magic on specific areas, fixing imperfections and adding that extra oomph.

Painting with Colors: Dive into the world of color correction and grading. Let’s ensure your wedding album is a harmonious masterpiece, reflecting the couple’s special day flawlessly.

Portraits that Pop: Ever wondered how to achieve those flawless skin tones and remove blemishes? I’ve got you covered with advanced retouching techniques for that perfect portrait to nail the spot removal tool.

Mastering Tough Lighting: We’ll conquer tricky lighting together by using Lightroom’s tools to rescue those blown-out highlights and dark shadows, giving life to every shot.

The Elegance of Black and White: Let’s create some captivating black and white images that tell a whole new story of their own.

Efficiency with Presets: I’ll introduce you to the magic of presets that save time while maintaining individuality. Editing multiple images will be a breeze, and you’ll love the results.

Ready for the World: We’ll wrap up by exporting images to share online & print. Your hard work deserves to shine everywhere.

Get ready to elevate your wedding editing game, and get better results faster editing weddings in Lightroom Classic. By the end of our adventure, you’ll have the confidence and skills to curate breathtaking wedding photography edits that showcase your work in the best possible light.

Let’s jump right in & edit a full wedding in Adobe Lightroom Classic!

And for anyone wondering…

📸 My current camera gear:

Panasonic S1-

Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 L mount –

Panasonic Lumix 24-105 f4 L mount –

YONGNUO YN-560 IV Flash –

*NOTE* The above wedding was shot primarily on the Sigma Art 35mm, Canon 70-200mm and a 50mm prime. If you like the look of this wedding, those are the focal lengths to look at!

🖥 Computer Editing Setup = 

2019 27″ imac upgraded with 40gb of ram:

2022 M1 pro macbook pro 16 inch:

I’d recommend going with at least 512gb of storage.

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