How To Edit Orange and Teal Lightroom Tutorial (EASY!!!)

How To Edit Orange And Teal In Lightroom

Learn how to get that orange and teal look EASILY using Lightroom!

Learn how to edit orange and teal in Lightroom in seconds! No presets required – This editing tutorial will show you exactly how to get that orange and teal look in Lightroom. You won’t believe how easy it is either! The truth is getting the right tones in lightroom and editing your photos with that orange and teal look depends on a few things. Photographing with the right lighting and colors to begin with makes a BIG difference. But editing orange and teale photos really isn’t hard at all once you know how. It all comes down to camera calibration, a little HSL panel, and a tiny bit of split toning!

Watch now to learn how to get orange and teal edits without presets.