How To Edit Orange and Teal Lightroom Tutorial (EASY!!!)

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How To Edit Orange And Teal In Lightroom

Learn how to get that orange and teal look EASILY using Lightroom!

Learn how to edit orange and teal in Lightroom in seconds! No presets required – This editing tutorial will show you exactly how to get that orange and teal look in Lightroom. You won’t believe how easy it is either! The truth is getting the right tones in lightroom and editing your photos with that orange and teal look depends on a few things. Photographing with the right lighting and colors to begin with makes a BIG difference. But editing orange and teale photos really isn’t hard at all once you know how. It all comes down to camera calibration, a little HSL panel, and a tiny bit of split toning!

Watch now to learn how to get orange and teal edits without presets.

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hey guys Ryan here at signature edits
and today we are going to be looking at
how to get that awesome orange and teal
look that is so popular on Instagram and
how to do it in about two or three
seconds inside a Lightroom it’s super
simple let’s dive in
okay so here as promised go to your
camera calibration settings we’re gonna
grab our blues and grab them towards
aqua and we’ve got our teal then we’re
gonna grab our red primary take that up
towards orange oh look at that we’ve got
our orange and teal look that is ninety
percent of the way there guys in about
three seconds now if you want to take
that a step further you can go to your
saturation you can grab your blues and
make them even more saturated and crazy
and then you can grab your blues and
take them more towards that kind of teal
ish greenish awesomeness grab your
saturation again and maybe you can make
your oranges more saturated less
saturated depending on the photo you
just dial it in and you are done from
there we can grab our split toning if we
want to take it one step further take
our highlights we’re going to actually
make those orange then we’re going to
take our shadows and we’re gonna grab
that bring it somewhere in the teal
section take our saturation up that’s
obviously way too far we’ll just dial it
in there like that BAM
copy that bad boy paste it on a few
settings and you’ve got that awesome
orange and teal look in about 30 seconds
is super simple guys now for this photo
in for instance we’ve got a super high
dynamic range really bright sky really
dark cliffs here how do I mean this look
well all you’re gonna have to do go up
to your HSL panel grab your blues which
is this guy we’re gonna darken those bad
boys down then we can brighten
everything back up and we’ll have a less
weird-looking image we can grab our hues
and take them a little bit less a little
bit further away from that greenish tint
and bam just like that maybe grab our
oranges make them more saturated if
you’re one of those people and move on
so that’s how to get that super orange
teal look in side of lightroom in pretty
much two or three seconds and let me
just dial it in from there I hope this
was insightful for how to get those
color changes really fast this looks
weird because the white balance is not
right in this camera perfect that’s a
little more normal
it’s not gonna work on every photo for
instance this one works really great
because we don’t have a lot of tones
that are fighting with that natural look
to begin with this guy doesn’t work as
well because well we’ve got kind of a
flat image to begin with and we don’t
really have a lot of orange going on in
the shot so if we take our blues we go
down like that take our reds up to
orange we could maybe warm up the white
balance that might help a little
it grabbed our hues because a little
more teal great saturate I’m having fun
with this because honestly I think the
look is a little bit overdone but at the
same time it’s cool to know how to do it
and you can grab that bad boy save it as
a preset if you want hit Plus create
preset orange and tio vibes great so I’m
gonna make this preset actually
available for you if you want to
download it head to the link below and I
will see you in the next one make sure
to smash that like button don’t forget
to subscribe and come back for more
great stuff I’ll see you in the next one


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