Video tutorial for how to find purpose with photography

How to find purpose with photography

How to find purpose with photography

3 ways that picking up a camera gives you a purposeful way of life!

In this video tutorial, Mike from @northborders shares his thoughts on photography as a way of life, and how you can find purpose with photography as your passion.



Photography – a fulfilling way of life and a way to find purpose

Photography goes so much deeper than taking photos

Photography is a way of life when you begin to see photos or opportunities for photos everywhere you look. 


How to find purpose: Photography changes the way you look at the world. 

You will see things differently once you are looking at the world through a lens.

You begin to study the world, looking for compositions and balance between objects, lines, and colors. You will see every season differently as colors change and the outside light and conditions change.

Weather patterns will catch your eye like they didn’t before, like rain, mud, and wind.

You will notice the subtle lighting and shadows from a sunrise or sunset and how it affects the scene which you might not have noticed before.

Strangers and people on the streets will look different to you.

Reasons to pick up a camera photography will change how you see the world around you


How to find purpose: Photography is immersive. 

It’s a flow-state activity.

What is flow state? Flow state is a psychological state where you are so focused on something you are passionate about that you become completely immersed.

You forget about everything else that is happening around you and you are able to give your full attention to the task at hand without being distracted. 

You can make friends doing photography, come together with other likeminded creative people. Be immersed as a part of something as a photographer in the community. 

Try using photography to find your purpose and your passion. Pick up a camera, and it might immerse you in your life direction.

Find purpose with photography it immerses you into a state of mind and community

How to find purpose: Photography is a passion

Picking up a camera and looking at the world is an activity that becomes a passion.

You see the world, you capture perfect moments and you create beautiful art with this little machine in your hands.

When you do something like photography, it’s so much more than pointing a lens and clicking a shutter button.

Your photography will show how you see the world and reflect your creative passion.

Taking photos is similar to playing an instrument or riding a skateboard. You have to think, and understand and take action. You have to move around and think about capturing a memory.

Finding purpose with photography as your passion


Using a camera, you can find your purpose and direction.

Any photographer will tell you that photography is so much more than taking photos. It is a passion and a way of life.

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How will you use photography to find your purpose TODAY? 

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