How to Find YOUR Personal Photography Style

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How to Find YOUR Personal Photography Style

Tips for defining your personal style as a photographer and creating timeless work

Your journey as a creative is not a linear one, and your personal photography style journey is the same.

There are many zig-zagging paths, and your work is often defined by seasons that you go through, people you are inspired by, and places you travel to or live in. All of those factors can change over time, meaning your style and focus as a photographer is also evolving.

The look, feel, colors, lense choices, and overall visuals of your images define your personal style.

With all of these factors, how do you define your personal style in your photography?

How do you give your work a personal and unique touch?

Follow these tips to help you find your personal photography style

Are you just beginning in your photography journey, or has your photography been ‘growing up’ with you as you grow up as a creative?

You may have had different styles over time if you have been a photographer for a while. Your influences, technology, trends, and more will have influenced the direction of your creative photography. 

Defining your personal photography style will help you create work that is timeless and lasting. 

Tip #1: Explore, be curious, and try out many different styles!

The most important thing you can do to start defining your personal style is to experiment and explore in your photography. 

Try landscape; try portrait; try some really funky ‘out-there’ editing. Just try all of the different styles, settings, options, gear that you can. Take many photos and review them later to see what you like and what doesn’t work for you.

Don’t worry about limiting yourself to a niche or narrowed creative lens, especially in the beginning of your photography career. Go out and explore to find your style.

Exploring photography

Tip #2: Make it personal; shoot what you love

Your personal photography style will be refined by the photos you love taking. Give your photography a personal and unique touch by capturing what is interesting to you, and things that you love

Your photos will reflect more of who you are when you are focusing on the things that are special and unique to you.

Maybe it’s travel; maybe you love cooking. Show the world what is personal to you through your camera, and the feeling will be evident in the photos you capture.

For example, if you love adventuring and the outdoors, taking photos that tell the story of your adventure and travel will convey the emotions of that adventure.

Personal photography style

Tip #3: Don’t wait for perfect inspiration, just go shoot! A LOT

Even if you don’t know what you want to make, you have to get out there and take photos. Sitting around and waiting until you have a perfect idea for your creativity probably won’t amount to anything.

You will only know what you like or dislike when you have taken lots of photos in lots of styles and locations. Shooting a ton will help you develop your style, as you practice and refine your inspiration.

An idea to get out there and shoot could be taking a road trip and just taking as many photos as you can. Focus on taking many photos and look back at how your style is forming.

Photography style

Tip #4: Finding your photographic voice, what makes you unique

This is a journey that all creatives go on. 

As you are searching, taking photos, and refining your style, your voice as a photographer will develop and evolve. This voice may also change over time as you change and evolve your photography. 

Giving your photos a unique touch that only you have will elevate your photography and define your personal style. You have a voice as a creative; the way you look down the lens, or perceive a landscape is unique to you. 

Tell the story that only you can see, and watch your style become refined and personal.

Adventure photography style

Finding your personal photography style is a journey, not a destination.

Following these tips will hopefully help inspire you to define your style and create with your unique voice. 

Comment which tip can you use to help find your personal photography style NOW?

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