lightroom dehaze and contrast photography editing tutorial before and after

How To Fix Backlit Photos When Dehaze Doesn’t Work.

How To Fix Backlit Photos

What to do when your photos are hazy and dehaze doesn’t work

Has this ever happened to you? You’re out with your camera taking photos, and you notice the sun is setting behind your model / subject, and the lighting is absolutely PERFECT. Rushing to get your camera settings dialed in before this glorious moment passes you by, you hurriedly snap a couple photos with that oh-so-wonderful backlight. You can’t believe how amazing this looks, and can’t wait to get home, edit your photos and share them with the world. You’re 1000% sure these photographs are going down in history.

….And then you get home, and realize that what the camera captured is NOWHERE CLOSE to the way it looked in real life.

In real life, your backlit photos were divine. Inside Lightroom however, you see only a hazy, lackluster mess.

In a panic, you grab the contrast slider and take that sucker up to +100. To your dismay, this just makes everything look even worse.

The dehaze slider is a similar story. Everything you try just makes the problem worse instead of better.

So what do you do when your images lack contrast, but the contrast slider and dehaze tool don’t fix the problem?

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to understand and manipulate contrast in lightroom to make your images pop and rescue low contrast, hazy images. Contrast is a key part of photography – Understanding how contrast works and how to adjust contrast in your photography and portraits is a key part of improving your editing and giving your photos a professional look and appearance. Inside of this Lightroom tutorial we’ll cover the key steps to recovering blown out hazy images and smoothing out contrast when the usual tools like dehaze, clarity or texture don’t work.