How to get 10X more photography reviews & testimonials

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

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How to get 10X more photography reviews & testimonials

The quick and simple customer review strategy you can use to easily get more photography reviews.

Ever wonder how some photographers get so many online reviews?

There’s a secret that you might not know about that I’ll share in a second.
But first, a little story I heard about recently…
Lets say you’re headed snowboarding for up to Toas, NM for a day in the powder, but you don’t have any of your own gear with you.
So you pull out your laptop / phone and google “ski rentals in Taos”

This is what comes up:
google reviews for cottam's ski shop - from the tutorial on how to get more photography reviews
Up pops Cottom’s Ski Shop.
2 different listings, each with over 100 five star google reviews.

1009% more reviews than the next ski rental place!

Who would you rent your ski gear from?
The place with 23 reviews and 4.7 stars…
Or the place with 232 reviews and 4.9 stars?

How did Cottom’s get this many reviews?

Is their ski gear 10 times better than the next ski place?
…probably not.
Are their prices 10 times cheaper?
…definitely no.
Here’s the big secret.
…drum roll please…
They ask for reviews.
The day after Matt rented his ski gear, while fondly reminiscing of his day on the slopes, this email pops into his inbox from Cottam’s Ski Shop:
amazon review incentive reviews blog double your client reviews get more testimonials

Wow – Now that’s great marketing!

If Matt had a great experience (which he did) why not score a quick five bucks?
When you think of ALL the travellers from out of town, paying $5 is a small price to pay for all the extra business you’ll generate from having 10 times more reviews than anyone else!
But I know what you’re probably thinking:
“What if they leave a BAD review?”
You could avoid this by only emailing customers who were thrilled with their experience… but negative feedback can actually be incredibly helpful.
If there is something you could change to make your business better, you’d want to know about it, wouldn’t you?

Lets look at what Cottam’s did

When you click “Yes” on their email, it takes you straight to their Google Review page.get more reviews on googleCool huh?

But if you click “no” it DOES NOT take you to their Google Review page. 
Instead, you’re directed to a short survey form that get’s sent directly to Cottam’s Ski Shop.
Their survey form asks five quick questions:
  1. How was our service?
  2. How was our equipment?
  3. How was our facility?
  4. Overall satisfaction score?
  5. How can we improve?

review survey reviews blog double your client reviews get more testimonialsThis allows Cottam’s to hear negative feedback and fix it without it being posted on google.

Smart right?
You can set up a similar feedback survey in about 10 minutes for free using a Google Survey, or Typeforms.

To insert buttons in your emails:

Step 1 – Create your button png on
Step 2 – Insert your finished button into your email
Step 3 – Attach a link to whichever url you want the button to lead to
Read this for an in depth explanation of adding links to buttons and images in gmail:
For example, I just googled “click here button png” and found a button I liked.
Then in my email, I insert the button image, edit the link, and its ready to go. I can then save that email as a template for quick and easy access whenever I need it.

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Here’s how I make the process work for my photography studio:

Whenever I deliver my clients their images, I send them a quick email template I’ve created asking them to leave their feedback + review my business.
tfit reviews

The result? I have 2.5 times more 5 star google reviews than any other photographer in my city.

I can then take the best of these reviews and post them directly on my website, and include them in my client pricing guides. This makes a huge difference both in bookings AND in showing up in google search. Its win win.

Do you already have a simple system in place for gathering reviews? 

I’d love to hear about it.

If not, are you planning to set one up?
Let me know in the comments below
Talk soon,


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Grab the email template I send to clients to get reviews!

Get the exact template I send clients after a session to get more reviews.

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