How to get your wedding photography published

How to get your wedding photography published

Ah getting published. The dream of many a photographer – Ever elusive, ever fleeting. It can seem daunting trying to figure out how to get your photography published.

The good news is its really not that complicated!

Here’s what we’ve learned about how to get your photography published after successfully publishing over 9/10 of the weddings we submit.

The truth is that getting your work published by magazines and online publications, blogs etc really only requires two things:

1 ) Reasonably good photography.

Notice I didn’t say “Out of this world amazing photography” – Only reasonably good is required. You don’t have to be the worlds best photographer to get your photography published, which is great news.

2) Submitting that photography to the right blog, magazine or publication.

Finding the right fit is the most important key to getting your work published. (Even more important than having good work!) Why? Because if you send a gothic themed photoshoot to a light and airy wedding blog, it doesn’t matter if those photos are the best in the world! If the fit is wrong, the quality doesn’t even count.

The biggest key is finding the right publication, blog or magazine to publish your photography. You’re looking for someone who features photography with our style, and also has an opening in their publication schedule.

So how do you find this perfect fit? 

It used to be super hard and annoying. You’d scour the internet researching blogs and magazines, then manually submit your photos and information to each of them one at a time. Talk about a pain in the butt.

Fortunately, there is a (REALLY) easy way to do this all automatically and save you a ton of time (And annoying research)

Enter Two Bright Lights.

Twobrightlights.com is a website that lets you upload your photoshoot gallery, then pick from THOUSANDS of publications to submit to with the click of a button. Simply submit your photos and wait. If you hear back that its not a fit, no problem – Just hit the “resubmit” button and choose someone else.

Using this method, you can literally submit your photoshoots to 20-30 different blogs. When you submit to this many different publications, you will almost ALWAYS find one who says yes to publishing your photography (Assuming your work is decent)

I’ve used twobrightlights for years and paid $120+ per year for the service, but they just did something big: You can now sign up and submit your weddings to get published for FREE.

Here are the details of their new free membership features:

twobrightlights how to get your photography published

What’s happening – in 2 sentences or less.

Two Bright Lights is making it so you can now submit on a free account to select publications AND making all of your existing and future uploaded albums available in Open Gallery! This exponentially increases your chances of getting published.

So if you’re wondering how to be one of those wedding photographers who knows how to get your wedding photography published – There you go.

Simply sign up at twobrightlights.com & start submitting your weddings today.

And just in case you’re wondering: I am not (nor have I ever been) a twobrightlights affiliate or partner. I’ve just had incredible results using their service and so I’d recommend it to anyone looking to get their wedding photography published.

Now you know. Time to go out there and get your photography published!