How to install XMP Presets In Lightroom 2018

How to install XMP Presets In Lightroom 2018

Installing XMP Presets In Lightroom 2018, 7.3 Update Preset File Change

Last week we talked about Lightroom’s new update and what that meant for presets – A switch from .lrtemplate to XMP now means presets can be opened within Adobe Camera Raw &  Photoshop, which is fantastic. BUT while old .lrtemplate presets are auto converted, how do you install new .xmp presets made after the 7.3 update?

Here is a quick video tutorial walking you through how to install xmp preset in lightroom.

This applies to installing all develop presets 2018 for versions v7.3 and higher. We demonstated on a mac, but the steps would be more or less the exact same on a pc.

Installing XMP Preset In Lightroom Video Walkthrough Tutorial

That’s how to install XMP presets in Lightroom!

Lightroom changed their files from .lrtemplate to .xmp, so all new presets are now stored in the adobe camera raw settings folder as xmp files instead of .lrtemplate. Installation is similar to previously, except to install lightroom xmp develop presets you now have to move them into the adobe camera raw settings folder, rather than the previous lightroom presets folder!


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