Build Your Own Lightroom AI Presets! Here’s How

Build Your Own Lightroom AI Presets!

Here’s how to create your own AI presets & edit better photos faster using these sweet Lightroom AI features

The other day I was scrolling on social…

After a couple minutes, up pops an ad for Lightroom AI Presets.

I had no idea you could use AI inside of presets!

After a little digging, I realized there are some MAJOR hidden features in the latest Lightroom updates I’d been missing out on, including AI presets.

So I went through & created my own set of AI presets to fit my workflow.

The results? 

  • My workflow has sped up by THREE TIMES
  • The effects I can pull off are WAY more accurate & powerful than ever before.

And the CRAZIEST part? NOBODY I’ve talked to seems to even know this trick exists!

So I made a video for you, showing you how to create YOUR OWN AI presets from scratch. AI is taking over, and Lightroom is no exception.

Watch it now here, and thank me later 😉

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AI is taking over everything – Including Lightroom.

In fact, Lightroom ALREADY has some incredible AI tools that until recently I didn’t even know existed! Inside this video I’ll run through some tools and tips for using Lightroom’s new AI masking, AI subject detect, AI object select & AI object erase / content aware removal to speed up your editing, pull of detailed effects & do some cool tricks by making your own AI powered lightroom presets.


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