How To Pitch Brands & Land Photography Clients

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

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How To Pitch Brands & Land Photography Clients

Pitching brands on photoshoot concepts, creating pitch decks & landing amazing photography clients – WITHOUT needing a giant portfolio or crazy influencer audience

This video will teach you everything you need to learn about how to pitch brands & land photography clients

After 10 years of photography & marketing, here’s everything I’ve learned about how to pitch brands & land product photography clients 

At the end I’ll give you my 7 step pitch template you can immediately use for creating your own photoshoot brand pitches


When I started out in photography, I had NO idea how to pitch brands & sucked HARD at sales. It was tough. I tried a million different things that didn’t work at all before I finally started getting to the things that DID work.

That doesn’t mean I’m now the sales guru champion of the world. I STILL get nervous about doing sales pitches with clients, especially when they’re my DREAM client.

I don’t know it all, but I’ve learned a LOT about what NOT to do.

This video will let you skip all the hard lessons & years of uncomfortable sales + wasted time & effort on stuff that definitely doesn’t work.

5 Mindset Shifts To Pitching Clients That Have Improved My Life

1 – Clients need YOU. You just need to show them why.

2 – You can’t trick your way to the top (There is no secret formula)

3 – Life repeats the lesson until you finally learn it – You can’t skip steps. 

4 – Pitching & closing big brands without an audience or a massive portfolio IS POSSIBLE.

5 – Pitch decks really aren’t that complicated. Here’s how to build one. 

1 – The Brands need YOU. You just need to show them WHY

When you pitch, you’re never selling HOW. You’re selling WHY.

You don’t sell tactics, you sell the solution.

People buy the destination – The result you bring

Maui, not the pre flight checklist.

Brands need amazing content. You create amazing content. 

Your pitch needs to focus on THEM, magnifying THEIR NEEDS and showing why your pitch solves THEIR PROBLEM.

2 – You can’t trick your way to the top (There is no secret formula)

Sales is about BELIEF. Not persuasion.

EVERY photog has the same struggle starting out: You KNOW you can take amazing photos, but you don’t have any amazing photos yet, so no-one wants to hire you to take amazing photos, so you can’t get any amazing photos.

You can’t trick a brand or client into hiring you. 

At the end of the day, your work and your results are everything.

If they BELIEVE you will get them the result, and the result you offer is more valuable than what you’re asking to be paid, they will buy. 

Belief comes from results. Case studies, testimonials, experience, portfolio.

When you try to skip these steps and pass go, at best you get a no. At WORST you trick a client into trusting you before you’re ready and they have buyers remorse when things go sideways.

Sales is NOT about convincing people. When you convince someone, they will always feel like they were pressured or tricked – these make for the worst clients

There’s no secret combination of words to use – Certainly some tactics work better than others, but the only secret is creating belief around the problem, magnifying the problem, belief in your solution, and creating belief that it will work for THEM.

  1. Problem
  2. Possibility
  3. Path

3 – You can’t skip steps – You’ve got to build the foundation

Took my cousins skiing – We did the black diamond run the very first time

It took us 2 hrs to slowly get them down, and they never wanted to go skiing again.

We get impatient, we try to skip steps, we fail to learn the lesson, and so we keep encountering the same roadblocks over and over again

The lesson WILL REPEAT until you actually  learn it. 

4 – Pitching & Closing Big Brands w/o an audience or a massive portfolio IS POSSIBLE

Your content & your vision are what matter. Those are what the brand is buying – The DESTINATION.

You can close big brands, but you can’t skip steps.

Create a sample portfolio that aligns with the brand

Create a vision & put it in a pitch deck

Get an intro / Use your contacts (preferred)

OR cold outreach

PROVIDE VALUE UP FRONT & separate yourself.

Video, creative spin on an idea. Love letter.

5 – Pitch decks aren’t that complicated. Here’s how to build one.

Watch the video above for the secret link to download my Pitch Deck template 100% FREE


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