How to Save Your Wedding Photography Business During a Recession

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

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How to Save Your Wedding Photography Business During a Recession

Tips to keep your wedding business through a recession

Recessions are hard, because people are less likely to spend money on extras and are tighter with their wallets. Can you save your wedding photography business in a recession?

In this video tutorial, wedding photographer John Branch IV shares his tried and true tips for keeping that business strong even in difficult economic times.



7 Tips for How to Keep Your Wedding Photography Business strong!

Businesses are tough at the best of times, so when the economy falls it can be even harder to keep things going. Follow these tips to help keep your wedding photography business during a recession.

Wedding Photography Business Tip #1 – Be selective about your gear

Number one tip to save money: don’t go out and buy all the hottest new gear. You probably don’t need that new lens or camera, even if all the influencers are saying so. 

The best thing you can do is to learn how to use the camera you have inside and out to take the best photos.

That way you can take amazing photos the way you like to take them without needing to buy new gear and spending tons of money. 

Be selective about your gear to save money for wedding photography business


Wedding Photography Business Tip #2 – Always operate in the green

You don’t need to buy all the newest gear or software, especially if it will be put on credit cards or loans. In order to save your wedding photography business in a recession, you need to keep out of debt! 

Keep track of your up and down times so that you have enough money saved away to cover your business through a lower period. 

Use a spreadsheet or software for easy budgeting. Online software like You Need A Budget is simple and great to keep track of income, expenses, and cashflow over time.

Keep track of your budget an don’t go into debt for wedding photography business


Wedding Photography Business Tip #3 – Make sure you have a great website

Your business will be way more visible and searchable for potential clients if you have a good looking website

Websites set first impressions of your brand, your wedding photo aesthetic, and your portfolio. 

Set it up so that clients can contact you, read about you and your work, and even book on your site. You can also collect client emails and send out newsletters or new deals to get repeat customers booking with you. 

Websites are great for marketing and getting your business on the map and in front of customers.

Make sure you have a great website for photography business


Wedding Photo Business Tip #4 – Make sure you have a strong brand

Clients will book with you more often if your brand is clean and recognizable. People can’t find you if your brand isn’t strong. 

A strong brand looks like having a nice professional logo, consistent branding colors on your online platforms and website, branded contracts and documents. 

If your brand is good looking and professional, clients will be able to find you on online platforms and are attracted to book with you.

Strong branding will make sure your wedding photography business is seen


Wedding Photography Business Tip #5 – Have a streamlined booking process

Make sure clients can easily find your booking process, such as a contact form or phone number on your website. If clients can’t easily find how to contact you to book, they are more likely to move on.

Then, get back to your interested clients fast via email or phone call. This makes a great impression on clients and will help you to lock in the deal. 

During the booking process, ensure you have a good presentation ready and be personable at your meeting with these potential clients.

Use email to respond quickly to clients for your wedding photography booking process


Wedding Photography Business Tip #6 – Understand where your couples are coming from in these hard times

In hard economic times, people are going to be asking more often than not about discounts, deals and cheaper prices. You need to understand that everyone is struggling and times are tough!

Be ready to negotiate or offer something to clients that you want to book who are stressed about the money. 

Be reasonable where you can to make sure your clients feel valued.

Be reasonable with people struggling in recession for wedding photography


Wedding Photography Business Tip #7 – Don’t book just anyone, book the weddings you want to shoot

You could take on a wedding if someone comes to you at the last minute for lower than your usual rate. You can try to make it work, to help someone out and serve the clients. 

But make sure that you are being picky with the clients you take on most often. 

If you don’t you might get stuck in the cheap wedding business or with clients you don’t see eye to eye with. It’s not worth the bad review just to book more clients for the money.

Have an idea of the price point, types of weddings, length, locations etc that you want to be booking. This way you can make sure your business can grow the way you want it to.

Book the clients you want for wedding photography business


Recessions are tough, but your business can make it!

Follow the tips here to make sure your photography business is ready to withstand the economy no matter what.

And if you want to learn how to improve your photography, check out this Comprehensive Guide!

Which of these tips will you apply to your wedding photography business NOW?

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