How to Sell Stock Photography to Make Money!

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

A video tutorial to sell stock photography and make money

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How to Sell Stock Photography to Make Money!

Tips for taking stock photography that will sell

Tried to sell stock photography to make money but struggling to get any income? Stock photography is a great way to get exposure as a photographer and also generate some income, but the market is more overloaded than it used to be.

Laura BC in this tutorial gives her top tips for what stock photos to sell and shows what stock photos of hers have sold the most.


4 Tips to Sell stock photography to make money

Stock photos are generic pictures that companies purchase to use in their advertisements and websites.

You can make money by posting photos you have taken on websites like Getty images, adobe stock, and others where companies can purchase them.


Why you Might not be getting any stock photography sales

The stock photography market is flooded with so many pictures nowadays that it is more difficult than ever to sell stock photos. 

You used to just be able to post any bunch of photos and make money easily. 

But now you need to know what stock photos businesses want and take photos for specific requirements.

If your galleries are too large it will be difficult for companies to find your photos amongst the masses.


Sell Stock photography to make money: What is selling the most and why

Look at the ads and business sites these days and what do you see? People!

People in lifestyle photos are selling the most, because businesses want photos with people in them for their advertising. 

Even though it might be a pain to organize people and have them sign the model release, you can find beginner models who would be happy to pose. 

Be sure to get shots that show faces and the same photo without faces because different companies will want different things.

Stock photography with people in the images are selling the most right now


Stock Photo Selling to make money Tip #1: Shoot with intention

It’s riskier to just take a bunch of random photos and post them, hoping that they will sell. Companies are often looking for very specific settings, people, looks and locations. 

Sign up to the stock websites as a contributor and read the briefs and newsletters that companies have written. Then go take those photos and upload them on the sites.

They will say what stock photos they want for their marketing or websites, and then you can go out and shoot those specific photos. This almost guarantees you sales!

Tip 1 to sell stock photography shoot with intention


How to sell Stock Photography Tip #2: Take photos when you travel

If you don’t want to take the time to read company briefs and take photos to match, then try travel photos. Destination photos tend to sell really well! 

Most often landscape or cool landmark photos with people in them sell great for websites like airbnb or other travel sites. 

You don’t even have to show faces, whether you shoot others or self portraits. People in travel photos facing away from the camera are just as good.

Take travel photos for stock photography to make money


Stock Photo Selling Tip #3: Shoot Wildlife & Animal Photography

Photos of animals in the wild are great sellers. Travel sites and wildlife companies will use these, and you don’t need model release forms!

Animals like dogs and cats are also great selling subjects which don’t require much organization or model releases.

Companies might even post briefs for specific animal photos, such as a specific bird in the wild or a dog being walked or playing fetch.

These are much easier to organie and shoot.

Animal and wildlife photos sell great in stock photography


Stock Photo Selling Tip #4: Take Seasonal Photos

Companies love seasonal photos, because they usually have new promotions or advertising at these special times of the year.

Take photos for holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day, and Easter.

Make sure to post them a few months in advance when businesses are preparing their holiday marketing materials.

Back to school season and summer vacation are also great seasonal themes, as well as seasonal nature shots.

Seasonal holiday photos make good stock photos


Stock photos can make you money if you know the right way to do it.

Hopefully these tips will help you make more money selling your stock photography!


Which one of these tips will you use to sell stock photography to make money THIS WEEK?


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